Poem. Front Spoon.

Front Spoon.


To feel you behind me,

Your breath upon my neck,

Is happiness.


Poem: Travel Broadens The Mind.

Travel Broadens The Mind.


I am sitting on the train

And it seems that all

Of the passengers are marooned.

Fitted with earphones

And staring at mobile phones.

These days words are dusty things,

And smiles, a rare offering.






It is finally Friday again, and it definately feels that it has been much longer than a week since we had the last one …. and I wonder why time goes so quickly when you are enjoying yourself … and so slowly when you are not!

It must have something to do with truly living in the moment.

Well, all I can say is  that I hope you have many such moments this weekend!

I fully intend to try and do that myself.

Breaking The Taboo. The War On Drugs.The Solution?



A ;ot of people are graduslly changing their feelings about the legality of drug taking.


Breaking The Taboo …. from breakingthetaboo.com




So, what do you think!




Fifty Shades Of Grey … Yeah Right! Payne’s Grey! (Arty Joke)

Hey, Hey,

So, how goes it with yourself.

I am assuming of course, that you are actually doing something other than avidly, or even heatedly, devouring your copy of the publishing phenomenon that is ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’, because if so you will be far too busy to bother with me.

It seems that this particular book has become something of  an object of desire worldwide.


Well done the inspired creator of this ‘erotic’ epic …  I mean, who would not want to be so incredibly successful with their book.

Well done I say!


However, admiration for the good timing aside, I do not actually have a copy myself as yet.

Given  my age and experience I do not find much personal desire to purchase the book for it’s full price however popular it is, although at  some point in the near future I shall no doubt purchase a slightly grubby copy in a second-hand bookstore for a couple of quid.


My own reading history is littered with books previously considered somewhat risqué, beginning of course with D.H. Lawrence’s classic  ‘Lady Chatterly’s Lover’. .

This book was banned in Britain for many years before finally being published in the 1960’s after a highly publicised court case.

Funnily enough, I actually read it again just a few months ago, and enjoyed it, even though I suppose that it could now be described as being somewhat dated.


The present popular book is similar  to much older works  such as ‘The Story Of O’ and the collection of works by the ‘Marquis De Sade, etc. …. which are equally matched to this more modern offering.


I expect that a desire to actually bring these various ideas into being in a person’s sexual life depends to a large extent on their own nature and curiosity, but it’s effect is generally reported as being responsible for the rapid increase in the sales of various sex aids in certain High Street shops.

You know how it goes, ‘to each his own’ etc.


Anyway, perhaps I should actually consider whether anyone on my Christmas list would actually love to have a copy of the book.

I could always take a sneaky peek at it first!!!!


Have a great day.







Yet Still The World Turns.


Bloody Hell, I finally decided to start blogging again and am properly horrified to find that in the time I have been ignoring you all, I appear to be unlucky enough to have 15,392  sodding comments waiting patiently for me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have no objections to finding comments from real folk, but having thousands of spammy ones is a huge pain in the arse.

Luckily for me, Mr T set up my site to allow me to regulate all comments before they get posted, but there is no way that I am going to be able to do that anymore so I shall have to get the whole lot wiped out and then start again with a proper spam blocker … needless to say, I cannot do this myself so I shall have to ask him nicely for help with it.

Of course, doing this will also mean the loss of any proper comments that you may have sent me while I have been incommunicado, and I do apologise for that but … hey, shit happens.

I hope that all is well with yourselves and that you are enjoying the gift of life, as I am.

With Love,










Poem: Adrift



Taking down the yellow brocade box

From the top of the wardrobe

And going through the memories

Of married years




Logging Off.


My beloved Big H died on Saturday April 28th 2012.



Missing You.


How strange to know

I shall not see you again

Except in my memories,

Where we shall still walk

And talk together

As we always did.








Wonderful Quotes: Freidrich Nietzche.

Quote:Friedrich Nietzsche.



‘When you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.’




Mysterious Green Cloud Over Moscow.



Big scare in Russia yesterday morning.


The residents of Moscow woke up and were stupefied to see the sky.

It was green.


Apparently there is a ‘green cloud’ hanging over the place.


There were many panicked reports on Twitter etc. and officials struggled to calm the fears of the worried populace.

Was it poison gas.

Something similar to the Chernobyl disaster.



…. or very unscary Birch pollen in the air!


The authorities are plumpimg for it being pollen!


So, this pollen effect must not occur regularly then!

So, what do you think!


I mean, I sometimes have a big black cloud hanging over me, but no-one seems to notice that one!!