One Battle Won And One Battle Lost.



Things are going very well here.


We have a warmish day, although there is a heavy grey sky which is seeming to be mere inches above the rooftops.

There are also thousands of shy snowdrops to be seen all over the place, looking as if they have been freshly created from pristine wax.


I love snowdrops!

Did you know that they are said to have been used traditionally as a cure for chilblains.

Apparently you just rub the juice all over the painful areas to relieve the agony of the bloody awful things.


If I had known that as a child I would definitely have given it a try as I used to suffer awfully with them during the wintertime.

It could have been easily done too, because although we lived in an extremely urban environment, there were lots of snowdrops in our wonderful local park.


As for the remaining Gremlins, hiding in the art section of the blog, we have finally triumphed and killed them off.

We are a Gremlin-free zone at the moment, thank goodness.

Mr T has also taken the time to freshen up the site presentation a bit – as you may have noticed.

I am very pleased with it myself.


Big H is upstairs enjoying a long and extremely hot bubble bath at the moment, so I am enjoying the relative peace and quiet downstairs.

Now that we are together 24/7, we find that we both appreciate the periods of alone-time that occur.

The upside is that summer is coming and then there are many opportunities for getting out there and having fun during the long and lazy days.


There is not really anything else happening today, except that I think I need to cut my hair off again.

I have grown it down to below shoulder length but the weight seems to be making the thinness on the top much more noticeable.

It does not look too bad on the first day that I wash it, but on the second day the hair seems to separate and you can see patches of my scalp quite clearly.

I look like a bag lady, with dry and lifeless thin hair, and I have totally lost faith in all of the not-very-cheap-at-all remedies I have hopefully tried over the past few years.

Yesterday I looked on-line again, for a solution to the problem, and read about the unisex Hairmax Portable Laser Comb which is supposed to encourage hair growth etc.

Although the write-ups and reviews were good, I decided that I was unwilling to spend the huge amount of money (and hope) that it takes to buy one.

I think that I shall use any spare cash I might possibly find to enjoy having many, many more takeaways and beers instead ‘cos I know that they totally do work as a treat for me!


So, although I have always had long thick hair, I think I must bow to fate and cut it all off for good.

As I cannot afford to start going to hairdressers, even if I did trust them to actually listen to what I want, I shall get Big H to do it for me.

At least he listens and tries to do exactly what I have asked him too …. and I don’t need to give him a big tip either!


It is going to have to be a short bob again I think, because that is relatively easy for him to do as it can all be the same length.

Hopefully it will look better, but if not I shall wear a hat, and luckily, through some quirk of genetics, I always suit headgear.

See, there is always a silver lining to the most baldy of clouds.


I shall now leave you because I am feeling peckish, and a large home-made steak pie is sending out siren calls from the depths of the fridge.






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