1,000 Year Old Poo.



Well here we are beginning yet another Thursday.

It is still pleasantly warm here, but the whole day is once again dressed in sombre shades of grey.

What will it hold….but that is the fun of it!


I definitely think that we should get to the bottom of the matter today, and discuss poo.


Not any old ‘once a day if you are healthy’ type of poo….but a rare and wonderful poo.

One that can add to the database of knowledge about the way that our ancestors lived and ate.


The discovery of this artifact was made when archaeologists were on a dig at the site of a new car-park.

It was found at the ‘bottom’ of a hole at the side of a road which had been used in Saxon times, probably left by some nameless traveller who would never have thought that his offering would generate such intense interest so far into the future.


People have been extremely interested in the well preserved faeces, which is now on display at the Gloucester City Museum & Art Gallery.

Although the artifact had been kept in museum storage for many years, it is now probably going to be put on permanent display in a new gallery which is planned to open in 2011.

Link to BBC news video…..view the poo!

So, go about your daily toilet now, and make sure that you produce at least one future museum piece.

You know you want to!


…and while we are on the subject of poo!


….and while we are on the subject of dogs!

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