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Poem: Captive Still.

Captive Still. . . I hold you cherished in my memory You are not gone while you still dwell there, In dreams and crystal moments We still can walk together Talking about everything and nothing, You are still full rendered Within my heart of hearts, For time is truly captured there Where pollen motes hang […]

Poem: No Stone Unturned.

No Stone Unturned . . When you look back On a life well lived Don’t question the worth Of the time you have spent Why measure your path By those things others see Why judge what you are Using the popular measures Rather look back to view The footsteps that you left Each time you […]

White Out.

Hey, . My goodness, what a day this is. . I woke up this morning, thinking that it must still be early because the bedroom was so dark, but is was not, it was the weight of the sky, so low and heavy. . Yesterday a lot of the snow was cleared away by hailstones […]

Poem. Invisible Bird.

Invisible Bird . . I know that it is with me, All my life I have felt the air That flows beneath it’s wing. Deep within my dreams The subtle susurration of the moves It’s feathers make still calls. This invisible bird That moves before my eye Can catch it’s lines, But I have seen […]

Untamed World.

Good Day To You, . Whoah, we may feel that we humans are in charge and that we control our environment….but we certainly do not! . A week ago an undersea robot filmed an undersea volcanic eruption as it happened. This was just a lucky happenstance, right place at the right time. For 25 years […]

Poem: Crows.

Crows . . Due to a Christmas surfeit I put out a load of chopped up turkey Onto the wall to feed the crows They are squabbling over it The noise is tremendous Naughty little cannibals . .

Poem: Flying Saucers.

Flying Saucers. . It was many years ago But we did it frequently On odd impulsive evenings When the stars sparkled It took a whole bottle of whiskey And lots of warm clothes We would lie there flat out upon the grass Gazing upwards at the heavens Quick swigs at the whiskey bottle Would keep […]

Those Hotpants Are Not Going To Suit You.

Hey, . How are you? In fine fettle I hope, fully relaxed and rested….or did you given in to Sales Fever? . Are you now the proud owner of a pair of skin tight orange sequined hotpants and an amazing designer suit that was reduced by 70% and is only six sizes too small. . […]

Poem: The Kingdom Of Long Long Ago.

The Kingdom Of Long Long Ago. . . Childhood seems like another world Far off and made of imagination Was it really me who lived there A little child in a puzzling place I now see it as a dream of sorts Where I can visit unannounced . .

Poetry: Prayer Of Gratitude.

Prayer Of Gratitude. . . Thank you my sweet lord For all that you have given me For all the joy, love and beauty That is present in my life . .