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June 2009

That’s Entertainment.

Hello darlings, . Did you read about the  City of London Festival Street Pianos ? What an excellent idea. It seems that for about three weeks there will be 30 pianos placed in different locations around London and they will hopefully stimulate passing pedestrians to have a tinkle on the ivories. What an amazing idea. […]


Hello Peeps, . Wow, today I logged on and what a surprise I got. I have received a proper comment, from a real live person, who has not even been bribed a little bit. Five days since I began blogging and I have a ‘fan’. At this rate of growth I might end up collecting […]

As Gloria says,”I, I will survive”.

Hello my dear Peeps, . . Well, in the words of that famous 20th century philosopher Oscar Hammerstein. . Oh what a beautiful morning , Oh what a beautiful day I got a wonderful feeling Everything’s going my way! . It is an amazing day today with a tropical blue sky stretching from side to […]

Last post

Hi, . This might be my last post because I may be dying from food poisoning. . I will seriously resent it if I do come to such a rubbish, and not in the least bit stylish, kind of end, because I always imagined myself dying wonderfully! But to die because bloody Spar is selling […]

The importance of getting the name right.

HI, . Years  ago I read in our local paper that they were thinking of printing a series of previously unpublished poems, written by local people. Did  anyone want to submit their work? . As I had nothing better to do that day, so I acted upon a sudden good idea. I decided to send […]


Hi Darlings, Something else I forgot to mention. The that I gave as eight out of ten eventually needed to be updated to a resounding ten out of ten. LOL Enjoyed this morning’s Warburtons Potato Pancakes too


Oh yes, I forgot to mention something. Did you see the photo of Bono on page 17 of the Sunday Times Magazine.  He looks just like Peter Andre. Strange. GGQ..the answer is Yes, I think he is a superlative artist.

Today it really is Monday.

Good morning to you, . I hope that you have had a really good weekend and that you are feeling great today. I am. . Last night I did not sleep so well so I ended up arising at about 4.30 am. When I got downstairs I started my usual routine, by gathering up all […]

What an excellent day.

Hi . Today has been an excellent day . On a scale of one to ten, I think that it scores an eight. Well I cannot give it any more than an eight, because so far it has not included any sex. . I did not sleep very well last night, so I got up […]

Would you give him one? The Great Game.

Hi again, . I have just realised that there is no sound of traffic outside, so that must mean that I have got the day wrong again and it must be Sunday. I will go and check. Yes, all the shops are shut and I found Friday’s paper. My husband buys The Times every day […]