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June 2009

Good Morning Sunshine

Good Morning Darlings, . What a beautiful Monday morning it is today after fierce rain for most of the weekend. I love it when the sky is blue and gleaming from one side to the other. . When I went down to the living room and faced yesterday’s devastation, I was suddenly brought back to […]

When will it ever end.

Hi, . Today has been a dusty day here in my house, because my husband has been perched digging out huge holes in the chimney breast, so that he can install a big, ‘fuck off, wall mounted television. . Oh my, if only he got on with the backlog of jobs waiting to be done […]

My Prayer

Hi, . Today I am posting a prayer that I composed many years ago, because I wanted something that was meaningful to me. . I love The Lord’s Prayer, but I  did not have anything other than that, which I enjoyed as much. . Oh no, that’s not correct, I do also love Psalm 23:4, […]


Hi, . Yesterday I went to town for my yearly eye test, which is now free because I am over 60. . Last year the Optician used some kind of new camera that takes a photograph of the insides of your eyes, in order to check for all kinds of disease and degeneration. . You […]

I killed the dog

. Hello, . Doing this is weird. . It is much easier to speak to people face to face.You can interact, be funny, have a laugh It is easy and entirely natural and I know how to do it without a single thought. . . It is hard and tricky and this bloody computer seems […]

Sudden realization

. HI, . I have just realised that if everyone else my age is as much a Luddite as me then none of them will be able to read anything I write anyway .. Oh dear, . J .

Email to my son

Added by the son in question: “Hello darling boy, Well, I am sorry to tell you that I have lived down to your expectations and totally ruined all of your work in setting up my Jaksie site yesterday. I posted a test blog thingy and lost the front page altogether. I tried for hours but […]

What was I thinking of?

. . I am bloody sick of doing this blog already and I have not even started it. . I woke up this morning with the thought that there was no place for older women to go to find out what sort of hairstyles suit older women. What style of gear suits a body that […]

First thoughts

. . Hi, . Today I was talking with a lady I met in the street, and I commented that she must have been partying on with a vengeance, as she looked somewhat tired. She then told me that she had been visited the previous evening by a friend, who had turned up unexpectedly, accompanied […]