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July 2009

In the News: Cat

Hey Peeps, . Yesterday I read a very amusing little story in The Times. It was a tale about a twelve year old, black and white cat named Caspar, who lives with his mistress in Plymouth. . For some time Caspar had been making his way to a local bus stop, in order to take […]

Do not ever diss yourself.

Greetings peeps, . Today I feel like telling you how distressing it is when I meet a certain person who is a really likable, attractive personality. From the outside, looking in, you would imagine that she is confident and that she has  has everything going for her . Well you would be totally wrong. She […]

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Hi Peeps, . Isn’t it a shame that people’s insides do not match their outsides. There are so many ways that people are judged these days, all based upon outside appearances and an abundance of expensive, purchased things. Nobleness of spirit being considered nothing like as important as a big impressive house, a new car […]

Taste is a personal thingy.

Hey Peeps’ . Has anybody else noticed that Richard Hammond, of Top Gear, is getting prettier all the time? . I always said that I would never go out with any guy who was prettier than me. Well, it would only get worse as time goes on. . The answer to the Great Game Question […]

Not funny at the time.

Hi, . Today has been a busy one. We  have started decorating the living room.  We are painting everything white in order to get a uniform background, and tomorrow or the next day, we will use our new Dulux Paint Pod. One of the boys has already bought one, and amazingly, it does do exactly […]

Sorry Guv.

Hi there, . It is not good to let other people get you into an argument. You should never allow another person to take control of your emotions.  We so often say “You have made me so angry” or “You are making me so upset” , when in fact we should decide whether we want […]

Money Matters. The Recession. A Prediction.

Good day Peeps, . Now, before I start my Blog today I must confess that maths is not my strong point.  I can manage it, but gives me a headache and it makes me feel stressed. . However, I have been doing some research lately and I was quite surprised by the results I found. […]

No, I don’t want to look at your beer mat collection!

Hey, . Today Big H has been examining, and looking after, all of his fishing rods, waders, flies and whatever. It is a good time to avoid him, as I have no desire to be told yet again about the construction of rods and of his new preference for cane rods, as opposed to his […]

Sondar The Treen.

Hey. . When I was a child we had a tortoise.  He was called Sondar The Treen. This name was lifted from one of my brother’s Dan Dare comics. Sondar was a little alien who used to fly about while sitting on a saucer.  He resembled our tortoise because he had a similar hard chin […]

Looking through the eyes of love.

Hey, . We still have amazing monsoon weather here at the moment.  Everything is looking so very, very green this year. I remember when we got back from living in the Middle East it was a shock to see somewhere that was so extremely green again.Walking once more in our lush Public Parks  and feeding […]