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July 2009

Delayed pleasure.

Hello peeps, . Today has not gone quite as I had hoped. My friend and I had an outing planned , in order to compensate ourselves for the Friday Night Fever debacle . . We had decided to go to visit Holy Island, also called Lindisfarne, which is known as the birth place of Christianity, […]


Good morning to you all, . Last night I slept really deeply. I went to bed at 12.30am and slept straight through to 9.45. This is very unusual  for me to sleep so late for no reason . I did have a strange dream though. I dreamt I was walking down a street and passed […]


Good day to you, . This morning I was thinking about my brother, because it is about time I went to see him, and I remembered something from way back when we were small children. . He had fallen over and hurt his knee, some time before it was noticed that he had red lines […]

It’s a dog’s life.

Hi , . Today has been a good day in spite of the continuing bad weather. . Last night I went up to bed early, because Big H was watching yet another Jet Li film. I had a good read before quickly dropping off. Unfortunately, the silly man fell asleep on the settee until three […]

Friday Night Fever.

A damp “Hello” to you all, . Oh dear me, I shall not be going to the ball after all. . There I was, with my vertiginous leopard skin platforms and my satin trousers all dusted off, totally ready to party, but bad weather has cancelled play. . My  ‘  concert is now CANCELLED!!!! It […]

Speaker’s Corner

Hey . Morning has broken….and what a morning ! . Rain is teeming down, running in the gutters with abandon, and the dark grey sky is so low that you could touch it. As I sit at the keyboard I can hear a swishing sound, as passing cars rush heedlessly over the rain soaked road. […]

Gourmet Foods.

Hello to you, . I am up early again. So, what’s changed? . I have done all the usual things , tea, Warburton’s Potato Pancakes (2), had a pee, quickly read a bit more of my Rebus book, and fed the birds. It’s a hard life but someone has to do it… etc. . Those […]


Hi to you, . Soon I will be going with a friend band and we are really looking forward to it. We were talking about what to wear and decided it would be fun to dress the way we did back in the ’70’s.   The only good thing about becoming so much older is […]

Listen well and SMILE.

Hi, . This morning, say less, smile more. . J. .

That’s not my name, that’s not my name.

Hello to all you Peeps, . What a wonderful blue and shiny creation I found today. God, it’s beautiful. . I woke up very early again, in dire need of a pee, so I arose and took care of business, and then just stayed up to enjoy the wonderfulness of it all. Damn, I put […]