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July 2009

Strange Fruit.

Hi, . This morning I woke unfeasibly early again, but I was snug, and it was quite enjoyable to simply lie there next to a quietly sleeping Big H , just letting my mind drift past all sorts of disconnected memories and thoughts. . I remembered my father and various conversations that we had when […]

Nasty little swine

Hello, . Today has been fine until 20 minutes ago when I decided to log on and do some of my next post. I started immediately, and was forging ahead smoothly, until I glanced up and stopped in total bewilderment. All there was  on the page was a few lines of total nonsense because most […]

Discovering The Killers

Hi, WOW, Last night I watched The Killers onstage at T in the park. They were totally amazing.  Unfortunately I only got to see them on the television but you can still feel it. It must be great to actually be there and get the full atmosphere. . . It seems to take him a […]


Hello Peeps, Today started off sunny so we went out to cut the grass.  At least Big H cut the grass and I pulled out even more Bindweed. We are plagued with the stuff and it never gives up. . Bindweed is amazingly pretty when you see it on waste land, growing up through trees […]

Spaghetti Rules

Greetings to you. . I have just been informed that the big black Crows that I feed every day are actually Jackdaws. Well that’s settled finally and I hope that the pseudo crows have not been offended by my ignorance about our avian friends. Mind you, they would be bloody ungrateful if they were, as […]

Calm after the storm

Hi again Peeps, It is now Thursday and all is well. My long awaited breakfast did not escape from me this time. . Big H calmly sat me down last night and explained a few things about using the computer, once I had finished having I find this a very long winded and awkward way […]

Fly away Peter

Greetings on this lovely morning. . I say lovely morning, but this is not my usual paean to wall to wall blue skies. . Today we actually have that amazing, damp, green, freshly washed look you see when heavy rain has just stopped . I really do love it when the bricks of the patio […]

Practice makes perfect

Hello, . Why is it always easier to remember the bad things that happen in a day than it is to remember the good things. . Why is discontent easier than contentment and resentment easier than generosity. . It is unfortunately easy to adopt bad habits and to build on them. If you ask a […]

Putting it out of it’s misery.

HI, . How are you you today.  I hope that you have had a good weekend. Mine was really excellent and yesterday afternoon was a most enjoyable one. . The sun had been shining  down wonderfully again all morning and we were settled reading the Sunday papers when Big H had the grand idea of […]

Give Them Jam And Bread.

HI Peeps, Hoping all is well with you. . I have invented a good way to vastly reduce the cost of running an Old People’s home. All that is needed are vast amounts of jam, an ample supply of bread and  a DVD of ‘Brief Encounter’. This being a  1945 black and white film starring […]