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July 2009

Hush, hush, whisper who dares.

Hello , . I believe that if you have an earth moving brainstorm and you discuss it with others, then the idea  ‘floats free’  up in the ether, where it can be picked up by another person. . If this is a new idea, then the other person begins to work upon it as if […]

A bloody sneak attack

Hello Everyone, . Today the weather here is still unbelievably tropical. For the last three or four days it has been hot and humid to an extent which is unusual here. . However I have found myself an unexpected drawback. . Normally I would not consider wearing shorts.  In fact I think that the last […]

Let’s talk about parasites.

Hi Peeps, I have just had the hottest night.  In the weather sense not the biblical. I eventually got up early because Big H was giving off heat like a furnace.  It reminded me of living in the Middle East. It used to be so hot and humid when we lived out there, that my […]

The Birds

Hello, I hope that you are happy and that all is going  well for you. . I am having a good day so far except for hearing that my son’s fiance was knocked off her bicycle today by a horrible swine of a motorist. . She was cycling along and the driver behind obviously did […]