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August 2009

Poem: A Fishy Tale.

a fishy tale . my old piano’s gone kaput it needs an overhaul i’ll get the yellow pages out and ask someone to call . the doorbell rang – the caller said ‘i tried to get here sooner’ i said ‘but you’re some kind of fish’ . ‘that’s right – a piano tuna’ .

Poem: Won’t Is The Hardest Thing.

won’t is the hardest thing . willpower is an easy thing you will do what you want you will do all you wish and more no one will say you can’t . the hardest thing is self control most difficult to heed when faced with what you want to do it’s won’t power that you […]

I Can Do The Little Coloured Bits Now.

Hello to you dear peeps, and to your dogs, cats, budgies, and various other dependents and friends. . As it is only seven o’clock upon a fine Bank Holiday Monday, I am sitting here in almost total silence.  Just the odd car passing by the house, and even the crows seem to be eating their […]

Adult Poem: Wakey Wakey.

wakey wakey . when we lived upon the farm we had a smashing farm alarm . we never had a chance to skive it always woke us up at five . but when a weasel killed the cock we had to buy a proper clock . . i prefer an early morning alarm cock myself! […]

X Factor. 2.

Hi, As you know, I am an X Factor fan, but, because of circumstances beyond my control, I could not watch the latest episode  until this afternoon. . My goodness I enjoyed this week’s show. How good was Jamie ‘Afro’! .Jamie is a good example of never, ever, giving up. After all, tomorrow can always […]

Taking Ioan Gruffudd’s name in vain.

Hi, Well, today is a landmark day for me. I shall enjoy it to the full. . You may remember that in a  about three months age, I told you that  Big H had started doing work in the living room, along with his assortment of various tools, ladders and accompanying pieces of detritus. Well, […]

Poem: The Unknown Inventor. (Not Many People Know This)

the unknown inventor not many people know this , doctor proctor was a teacher physics was his game not one process or reaction proctor could not name . he was the first to split the atom first to build A bomb after that he disappeared blown to kingdom come . though other fellows got the […]

Poem: He Was Only Trying To Be Friendly.

he was only trying to be friendly . my boa constrictor’s name was fred i kept him underneath my bed but when a school friend came to stay it squeezed him till he passed away . .

Poem: To My Best But Absent Friend.

to my best but absent friend . i threw a stick upon the track i hoped the dog would fetch it back . i threw that stick just yesterday but the little bastard ran away . .

I Did The Descriptions Anyway.

Hello again dear Peeps, . I went and did the descriptions of my newest updated pictures anyway. .If they do not make much sense then Goodnighr or even Goodnight! . j ,