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August 2009

Electrocution Is Against My Human Rights.

Hello, . My god, I am going blog mad today. But I find that it occupies me whilst Big H is doing one of his interminable Sudoku puzzles. It used to just be a Monday to Friday thingy in The Times, but now he has bought himself some Sudoku books, which have given him access […]

Latest On Michael Jackson. Verdict Homicide.

Hello, . Have you heard about the latest latest development yet? . In Los Angeles, the County Coroner has ruled that  Michael Jackson’s death was homicide. . The various Doctors treating the superstar are under scrutiny, including a Doctor Murray. . I believe that Dr murray posted a video up onto u tube in order […]

New Dating Site.

Good morning Peeps, . What a beautiful day it is today.  It makes you glad to be alive. Well, to be honest, I am glad to be alive on any bloody day! . Excuse me, I have just seen the Postman go past the window and I like to rush out into the hall to […]

Poem: It’s All In The Fame Of The Name.

it’s all in the fame of the name . the policeman painted pictures his talent was demonstrable investors bought the lot because there’s money in a constable .

Poem: The Importance Of Being Able To Spell Correctly.

the importance of being able to spell correctly . the only dragon in the world was feeling awfully sad he could not find himself a friend and that was very bad . one day he spied a notice which was fastened to a tree and said ‘i’m oh so happy i’ve found dragons just like […]

Mr. T Can SEE!

Hello to you. . I have some excellent and wonderful news to share with you all. . It has to do with eyes, and it happened this way. . My eldest son was unfortunate enough to inherit his eyesight from me, and not from his father. . At an early age he began to become […]

New Sighting Of Loch Ness Monster!

Hello, hello,. . Wonderments are afoot dear peeps. . Did you read The Times today? Sometimes I do love that newspaper. It provides me with much, sporadic, interest of the weirder type. It would appear that there has been a new sighting of The Loch Ness Monster. . It seems that a security guard, obviously […]

Share A Stranger’s Orgasm. (ADULT)

Hello to you. . Did you have a good night. Did you have an orgasm. Did you have it alone or in company. . How would YOU feel about  filming yourself coming and then sharing it with the whole world? . Have you ever visited a site called Beautiful Agony? . It is well worth […]

Poem: Ram Raiders ( Baaad Dudes ).

ram raiders  (baaad dudes) . the dead of night thick summer heat the town is still there’s not a bleat . an engine revs plate windows smash alarms are shrill the raiders dash . one lady wakes she’s just in time to see the three who did the crime . descriptions on the news quite […]

Poem: Baldy Billy’s Blind Date.

Baldy billy’s blind date . baldy billy lost his wig the night he had a date he searched all over for the thing but it was growing late he looked around for something else to cover up his head ‘my ferret jim is nicely trained i’ll just use him ‘ he said at first his […]