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August 2009

Death from a surfeit of sex with vigorous young studs.

Hi, . Today I am very late in writing my page.  Usually I do it first thing in the morning, anytime after 4.00am, but today I slept in. Don’t ask me why, cos I have no idea. The only thing I know for sure, is that it was not caused by my having had a […]

Poem: Diplomacy.

diplomacy . if you found a monster sixty feet tall spraying graffiti all over your wall i bet you would fix a big smile to your face and thank him for trying to brighten the place .

Poem: The Green Party Candidate.

the green party candidate . One thursday i was so surprised i’ve seen amazing sights i’d never seen a frog demand respect for froggy rights . he held a sign to make his point ‘for some life is no joke if it’s alright to eat a frog why can’t frogs eat french folk’ .

Queen Elizabeth II.

Hello Peeps, . I was going to tell you yet another tale of , but this morning, for some reason, I keep thinking of my mum. I possibly told you that she died earlier this year. . The death of a parent is extremely painful at first, but I think perhaps I have been lucky. […]

Art Descriptions All Completed.

Hi, . Just to let you know that I have now finished adding proper descriptions to all of the artwork put up so far. I hope that it makes it more interesting. . LOL J PS. The lipstick is still red. I am totally impressed (re. about make up)

Makeup. A Really Girly Experience.

Good morning to you. . And it really has been a good morning so far. . Today, I have just had one of the best, most girly experiences ever. . It all began yesterday, when Big H and I went to town to look at the prices of new fridges, in order to  replace the […]

Updating The Descriptions Of My Artwork.

Hi, . Just to let you know that I have finally got around to writing proper descriptions for some of my artwork displayed on the site. . I spent a long time this evening trying to give some idea of my intentions.  I hope that this will be interesting and provide some insight into the […]

Bad Shit In Amsterdam.

. Good morning my friend, . I agree with you, nothing much great about a Monday if you have to go to work again after a weekend of debauchery, or just a few quiet days doing nothing special. But you do have a bright side, there is another weekend in five days time. Isn’t it […]

Poem: And So It Goes On.

and so it goes on . traffic policemen indicate losers all capitulate butchers just eviscerate businesses conglomerate liars will procrastinate busy bees must pollinate belly dancers undulate spitters may expectorate decent folks ameliorate improvements we can celebrate . .

X Factor.

Hello. hello. hello. . . I am happy to say that I now have a reason to live for the next few months. . X FACTOR IS BACK!!!!!!!! It began tonight, and I have had my first addictive fix of Simon and his cohorts, along with the fun of those first few hapless people whose […]