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August 2009


Hello, . It is now thought, by American scientists, that if people drink five cups of coffee per day, then they will reduce their chances of developing . The research was carried out with laboratory mice, which were specially bred to develop Alzheimers when they reached the mouse equivalent of of human old age. . […]

Poem: Cat-alogue.

cat-alogue . cats have catastrophic lives with accidents galore with cataclysmic happenings catastrophes and more they caterwaul like catamounts catadioptric eyes agleam then dream of catawampuses in catatonic dreams they’re cataphysical it seems a catagory rare they know they have nine lives apiece that’s why they couldn’t care

Poem: Barbecue.

barbecue . my friend was almost six foot two i cooked him on my barbecue and by the time that he was done he’d frizzled down to four foot one .

Poem: Great Questions Of Our Time.

great questions of our time . do hedgehogs suffer from prickly heat do centipedes ever get corns on their feet if leopards get measles can anyone tell would skunks be embarrassed to know that they smell . .

Death To Chocolate Fish.

Good Morning Peeps, . Last night I went to bed early, to read a book, because Big H was playing one of his computer games. He has a big pile of them, all with different titles, but they all appear to be exactly the same game as far as I can see. . It was […]

Poem: Showbiz.

showbiz . my pater had a circus act he wrestled with a ‘gator the thing was seven metres long and looked a lot like mater . the accident was very sad for in a drunken state he’d thought the ‘gator was his wife and realized too late . my uncle had a circus act as […]

Poem: Mary Had A Little Lamb.

mary had a little lamb . mary had a little lamb on mint sprigs it would munch it gave a lovely flavour when she roasted it for lunch . .

Poem: Life As A Troll Is Not What it used To Be.

life as a troll is not what it used to be . life as a troll is not easy life as a troll is no fun whenever i leap from a hole to shout boo they say  ‘cor he’s just having us on’ . life as a troll has no status life as a troll […]

Poem: Yo Sherlock.

yo sherlock . nothing is impossible however implausible unless it is not possible of course-ible . .

Poem: Sticky beak.

sticky beak . she snooped about her boarding house to see what was detectable it was her right she always said to keep her house respectable . all day she ransacked private rooms which tenants thought inviolate she read their letters wore their clothes and whiskey levels sank a bit . except for those three […]