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August 2009

We Tattooed Ourselves.

Hello, . When I was a little kid, we used to sport our own semi- permanent tattoos. . It did not have to be permanent because we did it nature’s way. . It was different, it was temporary, and we felt that it definitely got us noticed. . When a cut-out shape was placed onto […]

Further info. Moonwalking.

Hey again, . After my I found myself to be quite intrigued.  So I decided to assuage my now rampant curiosity. . The best information I can glean about Moonwalking, and who created it, is as follows. . Some people think that Marcel Marceau created it as part of his mime performance in the 1940’s. […]


. Hello again, . Have you ever wondered how moonwalking came to be created? . I have. . And the conclusions drawn from my long and painstaking considerations and deep research are as follows. . One day, on a dazzlingly white and tropical beach somewhere in the Bahamas.  A lissome young man was lying and […]

Poem. The Sandwich Bar.

the sandwich bar . the sandwich bar was famous for it’s often tested quote ‘if we can’t provide your filling then you get a ten pound note’ . but a clever lad stood waiting at the end of lunchtime’s queue till he heard the famous question ‘what’s the filling sir for you’ . ‘pterodactyl’ was […]

A Bed Of Roses.

Hello Peeps, . And the top of the morning to you all. I am lucky enough to have a nice sunny day here myself. . When I was watering my plants today, and feeding the birds their breakfast of left overs and prawn crackers, I was remembering those long ago, blisteringly hot summer days of […]

Natural Selection.( Big H sneaked up on me.)

Hey, . Why do fools fall in love? . What do you think causes people to fall in love. Is it the chemistry,  is it just fated to be, is it the pheromones, is it some unexplainable thing that grows in intensity in direct correlation to the size of the wallet, is it finding the […]

Poem:When Does A Duck Have Scales? (extract from Bone Soup)

. when does a duck have scales? . i saw an indian restaurant and ordered me a dish i said i wanted bombay duck but what i got was fish . historical information* *bummalo was the indian name for quite a horrid fish because it sounded naughty not a soul would eat the dish and […]

Poem: Never Tell A Tale To A Tell Tale Tit.(adult version)

. never tell a tale to a tell tale tit . have you got a secret tell me tell me true whisper all about the things you were not supposed to do tell me all your naughty plans and all your naughty deeds tell me of your secret dreams and all your rotten needs i […]

Poem: Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone. (Extract from Bone Soup.)

man cannot live by bread alone. (he needs carrots) . don’t sneer at a carrot they’re good and they’re fun i’ve met quite a few and i’ve liked every one . they have many functions and take many roles they’re really quite useful for stopping up holes . should you happen to chance upon good […]

What About Me?

Hi to you all. . Today is a gem, beautiful and very sunny.  Most excellent. If there is any rain coming then I sincerely hope that it goes to you and not me! . I have an acquaintance in the place where I live and when we meet we always have a long chat. She […]