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August 2009

Astral Travel anyone?

. Hi, . Have you ever managed to Astral Travel ? . I have tried at various times but I can never get past the bit where I can feel a strong rocking motion.  Perhaps it is one of those situations where , although you really want to do something, you also do not want […]

A Whole New Thing.

. Hello Dear Peeps, . . Well, what do you think of my new website.  ISN’T IT GREAT! . Recently, I sent my son a hopeful e- mail, to ask if it would be possible for some kind of index to be added to my blog site, so that it was not such a long […]

Adult Poem: Crackers for Cheese

. crackers for cheese . . i do not think i stand alone in my desire for cheese . of all the treats in all the world it is the best of these . some fools believe that oysters can upstand a cock that’s iffy . but just the thought of stilton cheese can give […]

Poem: Sunday

sunday . . don’t answer the door don’t pick up the phone let’s stay here in bed and do fun things alone . . j .

Beware.Down this path lie incontinence pants.

Hi, . Beware of all sales. . I recently found myself looking at an add for digital hearing aids, and doggedly reading every tempting, persuasive word of it, right through to the last bloody full stop. Well, they are such highly expensive items to buy, so this was an excellent offer, a real money saver. […]

Shocking news about illegal immigrants.

Hello unwary people of Kent. . Do you know that you have anything  from three thousand, to up to ten thousand, illegal immigrants, living and breeding in your beautiful County. . It would appear that they arrived hidden in imported goods packed in the holds of  unsuspecting cargo ships. Once in Sheerness they sneaked away, […]

Poem: SexGod

Sexgod . . the tiny mouse lived in a hole behind my chest of drawers he wore a hat of snowy white and corduroy plus fours he was well hung and entertained compliant  lady mice so potent were his rodent charms no need to ask them twice but sad for him his end was nigh […]

Sod the Zimmer frame.

Good Morning to you, . This is an unusually leisurely morning for me. Over the last two weeks we have had the plasterers in to replaster two bedrooms, and it is not a relaxing process. Usually I get up hours before Big H, feed the birds, have my breakfast, then sit around in my dressing […]

Diet: Lose one stone in one month.

Hey, . I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a friend. She has been trying to lose some weight, but finds it very hard, because rich cooking is her hobby and her passion. She tries to make slimming meals but the temptation to really do her own thing always gets the better of her. As […]