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September 2009

Poem: Sharks One, Lisa None.

Sharks One, Lisa None. . Lisa Doogood was awfully rude To people who tried to be nice, When they told her “Don’t swim” …………………………..”There’s a shark” ,…………………………..”Don’t go in” She refused to consider it twice. She said, “Fish cannot stop me, I’m not the least feared”. So when Jaws came and ate her The people […]

Poem: But It Will Not Hold Up Your Knickers.

But It Will Not Hold Up Your Knickers. . Time is elastic You find it will stretch Depending on quite what The future will fetch . A party you long for Takes time to appear But a dental appointment Is instantly here . .

Poem: Don’t Worry.

Don’t Worry. It Will All Be The Same In A Hundred Years. . Now worrying Is never wise, Just take a look At summer skies. Just leave it out ‘Cos you can bet There’s all tomorrow Not touched yet. . .

Yesterday Was Extremely Frustrating.

Hey, . How are YOU today? I hope that I find you with a wet nose, bright eyes and a bushy tail. Also, I especially hope that the said bushy tail is wagging enthusiastically! . Was your yesterday a good one…because mine was extremely frustrating . . I had woken up at eight , which […]

My Final Decision Was To Cancel It.

Hello Peeps, . I hope I find you well and happy today. . I have spent a lot of my time over the last couple of weeks making up my mind about something very important. . Do you remember me telling you about   having laser for her extremely shortsighted eyes last year? Eventually followed […]

Poem: I Am Not Gone.

I Am Not Gone. . Don’t cry to think You walk alone, I have not left you With no thought or care. I stay in breezes That caress your face, I leave my tears In every gentle rain. . .

X Factor 7 & 8

Hi, . There does not seem any point this week in writing two separate blogs because this is definitely just the one show in two parts. This week the remaining 200 would-be winners are at Hammersmith Apollo, doing their best to be chosen to be amongst the last 50 acts who will go on to […]

New Art Uploaded. Do Not Forget To See The Icon Piano.

Hello Dear Peeps, . Just to let you know that I have…with Big H’s help…uploaded eight new paintings. You will find these in the album Acrylics II, plus descriptions. . Do not forget to look in a new section about art as customised furniture. You may enjoy seeing the Icon Piano! . Lots Of Love, […]

What Would YOU Choose To Do.

Hello, hello, . What a fabulous sunny day it is.  Wonderful! It is a shame that I will have to spend a large part of it re-glossing the paintwork in Mr T’s old bedroom I don’t really mind though, because it will look so much better when it is finally done. . Do you ever […]

Blue Moon.

Hi peeps, . In my I mentioned a blue moon and wondered where that particular saying came from, and what it meant. . As usual I found myself curious about such things and needed to find out what I could about it. . There is not one particular opinion about this, and the original meaning […]