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September 2009

Poem: Simple Simon Annoyed A Pieman.

Simple Simon Annoyed A Pieman. . Simple Simon Met a pieman Going to the fair, Said Simple Simon To the pieman What have you got there. . The question Was stupid The pieman Saw red He grabbed hold of Simon And twisted his head. . .

Poem; I Can’t Be Arsed. Adult Content.

I Can’t Be Arsed. . I can’t be arsed To say hello, I can’t be arsed To be polite, I can’t be arsed With stuff like that, You seem to me To be a twat. . .

Friday Again.

Good Morning, . Hopefully I find you well again today. . I was up quite early this morning and I found it very cold. The central heating had not yet switched on, so I am wearing not only my own tiger-skin dressing gown, but also Big H’s blue one. The weather is still often lovely, […]

Poem: Temptation.

Temptation. . Oh I want to be slim How I need to be slim How I truly desire to be slim, I’d be thin if I could, But the food tastes so good, It’s so hard to prevent it goin’ in. . .

Poem: Garbo.

Garbo. . I was Hepburn to your Tracey I was Carole to your Clark Didn’t Ginger neck with Freddie In a shabby autumn park I thought we’d need a lifetime For the scripts we’d read But now I’m playing Garbo To an empty bed

Poem: Rodney Pruitt.

Rodney Pruitt. . One day our Rodney made a vow To get extremely fit, Not just a whim or passing fad A serious vow was it. . A Sunday evening was the time He viewed his naked body, The mirror showed a shocking sight His bodywork was shoddy. . No coward he – He faced […]

AMD. Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

Hi, . This condition affects many people as they grow older.. In the UK alone there are approaching quarter of a million people who have suffered the effects of AMD, which causes damage to the retina  resulting in full or partial loss of vision. . It is good news that Professor John Marshall, an early […]

The Final Countdown. Land Of The Lost Volcano.

Good Morning Peeps, . Did you manage to catch the programme last night. This time the crew were packing up their equipment and the base camp, on the outer slopes of Mount Bosavi.. Meanwhile, Steve climbed up the steep slopes and over into the crater of the extinct Volcano, where he began to set up […]


Hello, hello, hello, . Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to tell you an amazing thing. . Did you know that you can now hear the voice of a tree! You can even go and hear it yourself if you are lucky enough to live near to Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate. . An artist […]

Poem: Boating Trip-Up

. boating trip-up . . row row row your boat gently to the weir down you go and in you fall you’re deaded now i fear . . .