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September 2009

Shiny Things.

Good Morning. . I awoke today thinking about the old saying that ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold,’ it is very clever, and definitely is a soundbite created in media heaven.  But it is wrong! . This type of thinking is a recipe for absolute disaster. . Let’s imagine that someone ‘does you wrong’ […]

X Factor 6.

Hello folks, . I enjoyed the programme so much more tonight. I think perhaps I must have been in a grumpy mood last night, because I did not even mention the one guy that I did like. I think that he was an American…and pretty with it! . Tonight we saw a guy called Daniel, […]

Adult Poem. It’s Like Starvation. Adult Content.

it’s like starvation. . i want to hold you tightly nightly make a burrow in the bed hold you close to give you head but all I ever get to do is pine for you . .

Adult Poem; You’re So Hot.

You’re So Hot. . Have I told you lately That I want you, Have I told you lately That you’re hot, Have I told you lately I can’t wait to get you naked, ‘Cos if I haven’t, Then I really should be shot. . .

X Factor 5.

Hello peeps, . Tonight I watched X  Factor as usual. . I cannot say that I particularly enjoyed it. There was no one who really struck me as a possible  winner, or moved me greatly, this week. . I also found, that during this programme, I was hoping that no ‘appealling young person’ would cry […]

Office Politics.

Hey. . Yes, ladies, having been married for years has it’s compensations. After all, the fact that you had the foresight to grab an available man, before the advent of all these liberated, bosom showing, backside twitching modern maneaters, is something to be grateful for. Perhaps the  bosom is not as alluring as it once […]

Who Was That Man.

Hi people, . This is a very late post today. Usually I write them in the of the morning, when I feel like the last person left standing.  A  regular ‘War of the worlds’ or ‘I am legion’ type of feeling. But not today. I did not wake until after eight and it has been […]

Poem: The Texas Chain Store Massacre.

The Texas Chain Store Massacre. . Upon the morning of the sale There’s such a mighty crowd, And as the hour of nine draws near The murmuring grows loud. . The bargains have been advertised For many days before, And now the mob of hundreds Seems to swell around the door . There’s things for […]

Poem: A Chip On My Shoulder.

A Chip On My Shoulder. . I hate all computers They’re sly and they shirk, If you don’t watch their tricks They erase all your work. . You enter your wishes, They will not obey, You try to command But they do it their way. . I hate them, they’re rotten, They sulk and delight, […]

Poem: Special Delivery.

Special Delivery. . Though miles from home, the loving son Grew parsnips of great size “I only wish my mum could see She’d not believe her eyes”. . He put a stamp upon the best And sent it in the post. She got it on the Saturday And cooked it with the roast. . .