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September 2009

Poem: Advice For Travellers.

Advice For Travellers. . There’s one thing you must never do No matter where you roam, You must not go to Germany, You’re better off at home. The reason is a simple one Which everyone affirms. You must not go to Germany Because it’s full of GERMS. . .

A Strange New Obsessive Disorder.

Hello yet again, . This morning ,when I was writing my blog about The Lost land Of The Volcano, I happened to glance out of the window and see a young woman, with a very professional camera set- up, approaching ourshop. I watched as she set up her tripod and pointed the camera at the […]

Who’s A Pretty Boy Then. 2.

For your further edification dear peeps, . With reference to an today. . has just informed me that the earliest known reference to the  phrase ‘sick as a parrot’ originated in a book published in 1682, written by Aphra Behn, and titled ‘The False Count’. . In scene 2 a chambermaid called Jacinta enters the […]

The Lost Land Of The Volcano.2

Hello, hello, hello, . Oh my goodness, did you remember to watch the second part of the series I was . It was amazing.  What a triumph for the BBC.  This makes up for their past failings.  This is what they are best at. . This week we saw the team leader, Dr. George McGavin, […]

Who’s A Pretty Boy Then?

Hi Again, . Once more I am up early and the world is beguilingly quiet…and all mine. Once again time seems to be stretching. If I were  an insomniac, it would be like having two lives.  The private one and the public one. I wonder how many writers do their writing at night, so that […]

Adult Poem: In Your Dreams Sunshine,

In Your Dreams Sunshine. . Did you miss me lots. No way Jose. Did you cry at night. As if I might. Did you miss my touch. Not very much. I could make you come. Go and bite your bum. . .

Poem: Are We Alone.

are we alone . many people disappear every year flying saucers take a flight any night sometimes it’s raining cats and dogs or frogs do you think it’s all the truth or not or what .

Mr.T. Saves The Day.

Hello people, . Today I am very happy, in direct contrast to how ‘sick as a parrot’  I felt yesterday, after having to spend the correcting my own mistakes.  That is even worse than correcting someone else’s ineptitude, because you have nobody else to blame. Sudden thought.  I don’t know where that saying,’sick as a […]

My Apologies.

Hello, my dear long suffering peeps, . I must apologise to those of you who have been trying to open posts, and have then found that they are not available. . How bloody annoying and frustrating for you. . I must confess, much as I hate to say so, that it is all my fault.  […]

Poem: Read This Fast.

read this fast. . savoury sausages sizzling succulently tiresome tomboys tangling truculently fatuous farmers fermenting flatulently horrible homespun hideous hatyoulentme . ,