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September 2009

What Did You Take To Bed?

Hi, . When I was a child I used to take two special things to bed with me every night. . One of them was a bear called Bear. . I understand that you may be somewhat disappointed by such a lack of creative thinking  in the bear-naming  arena, but I was actually quite an […]

Poem: Sometimes A Chair Can Be Too Comfortable.

sometimes a chair can be too comfortable . the salerooms were crowded the dealers were there but he got a bargain a smashing old chair . all leather and carvings with cushions of brown it seemed to grow softer each time he sat down . he’d switch on the tele then sit down and snooze […]

Laziness Is A Slippery Slope.

Hi. . Today we have a pretty morning here. The sun is just pouring over the skyline and it must have been raining heavily during the night, because all of the slate roofs are black and wet. The sunlight is reflecting off the the tiles and it looks beautiful. Some of the windows are also […]

Adult Poem: In Amber

in amber . yes parted, pleated lips opened, gasping, softly forming words on reedy breaths yes yes .

The Party’s Over.

Greetings to you, . The party’s over, so to speak, and the Bank Holiday has been and gone. But excellent anyway. I hope that you managed to have a wonderful break, even if you spent a large part of it hiding from the rain, just like us. . We did manage to have one nice […]

Poem: Me Mutha’s Deed Man.

To read the circumstances concerning this dialect poem’ Please click on an earlier post, see link below. . . Me mutha’s deed man . Nowt’s green roond heah It’s alle bluddy concrete Bluddy beach is gone Nowt but a crappy auld seat. Me mutha’s deed man Aye, ahm bluddy glad Wi alle them changes Shid […]