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October 2009

Poem: Thanks A Bunch!.

Thanks A Bunch! . . What do you mean ‘You’ve forgotten’, What kind of excuse Is ‘I tried’. It seemed that before, The emotion was more Than a sad bunch of flowers From the last minute store. . .

Wall To Wall Blue Skies.

Hello my friend, . Wall to wall sunshine and blue skies this morning.  Most beguiling. . I have already been out and fed those totally ungrateful birds their breakfast. These crows are still very nervous of me. I make a loud clicking noise to let them know that food is coming and then I shake […]

Poem: French Lute Music.

French Lute Music. . . My eyes are closed But I still feel The mole, that burrows Deep beneath my skin. For this intrepid hunter Likes a naughty game. . .

Poem: My Lady.

My Lady. . My lady’s tiny, pink and fluffy But she’s a slayer just like Buffy. If I give in, then there’s no ruck And now and then I get a fuck. . .

Peacocks Make Life Worth Living.

Good morning peeps, . Hoping that this finds you bright eyed, bushy tailed, and raring to go for the weekend. . I enjoyed a very nice day indeed yesterday. As I had had ‘flu for so long, and had not really been outside at all apart from feeding the birds for the last couple of […]

Poem: Phone Me.

Phone Me. . . If you knew The hours I keep While I am lonely, You could understand The roaring presence Of my silent phone. . .

Poem : A Crusoe.

A Crusoe. . Here I am, A playboy, Surfing boldly down Sweet smelling curves Of rosy flesh, Tossed, by ever stronger tides Upon a love-locked continent. This man, His footprints tender On the morning shore, Is beached. At last. . .

Sixty Years On.

Hello Folks, . Today began mysteriously. I woke to a real fog. There was nothing much to be seen outside at all, just the faintest outline of the big tree near the patio wall. . When it is like that it is not hard to imagine the feel of London, during the time of  Jack […]

Let’s Make ‘Em Up Ourselves

And The Best Of Good Mornings To You, . Still grey,cloudy and damp up here, but this morning I am in  an Excellent humour. . Now that I am older, I find that Big H and I cannot lift heavy things in the same way we once could, especially with him having being so ill […]

Poem: A Global Test.

A Global Test. . I took a train To Turkey Where they serve A great kebab . I motored to Morocco Where the couscous Was just fab . I bussed to Barcelona Gorged on tapas Til I spewed . To prove that hot Chip butties Are the planet’s Greatest food . .