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October 2009

Yesterday Was A Cheat.

Bloody Good Morning, . What has happened to my summer! . What has happened to the way it was yesterday! . It was all a cheat.  Nothing suddenly got better, it is rubbish today, cold, grey, wintry and pouring with bloody rain. I can hear the cars outside spraying up sheets of water as they […]

Poem: Baby’s Favourite.

Baby’s Favourite. . “What should we have today for tea” Said Mrs Cod to baby. “What on earth’s the meal to be” Said Mrs Cod to child. . “I could not fancy mutton And I never fancy jam, There isn’t any mustard So we really can’t have ham.” . “Of all the meals we’ve ever […]

Poem: Unzip A Banana.

Unzip A Banana. . When bikers choose a fruit to eat They want no interference, A fruit that’s macho, image wise, Must fit with their appearance. Soft peaches have no chance at all The fuzz don’t please these brothers, While strawberries and damson plums Are what they buy their mothers. Most apples have such silly […]

Poem: Cheer Up Mum.

Cheer Up Mum. . Cheer up mum It could be worse, You could be lying In a hearse. . It’s better here Though there is pain. Things always can Come good again. . Some bits go missing Others drop. Some things won’t start And others stop. . Accept your life And what you are, A […]

Feeling Groovy.

And an extremely good morning to you. . This morning I was woken up by sunshine again. The sky is a pretty blue, with artistically arranged drifts of filmy cloud, and the birds are noisily shouting that ‘the weird pink thing’ has not put their breakfast out on the wall as yet. . All is […]

X Factor Live Show 3 Vote. October 25th. Who Goes Today.

Hello Peeps, . Hoping that your Sunday is proving to be a most excellent one. . Tonight we had the X Factor results from the public vote after live show 3. . It takes most of an hour to do this and sometimes it has been a long wait for what only takes ten minutes […]

Southampton Women Have Small Breasts.

Hello, . Strange piece of useless information. . The Southern Daily Echo was quoted as saying that Southampton women posess the country’s smallest breasts. This was discovered by Debenhams when they were examining the sales of brassieres for the period between April and October. The average cup size in Southampton is a 34b. . Liverpudlian […]

X Factor Results Live Show 3, Plus Links To Video. 24th October 2009

Hi, . Tonight, here we are again, waiting for 10 to become 9. . For two weeks now Rachel Adedeji has managed to retain her place, after being amongst the two acts with the lowest number of public votes. . Is tonight going to be her last attempt to hang on in there? She obviously […]

Poem:The Last Roundup.

The Last Roundup. . Our Mary is a nuisance Always lying on the floor, She spreads out all her comics, Drops her crumbly bits…and more. She leaves her socks and pens and combs Her paper and her clothes, She sometimes leaves an outline Showing clear, where she arose. I hate her ‘cos she’s messy She […]

Poem: A Chip Off The Old Block.

A Chip Off The Old Block. . I really, really do love chips They are my favourite food, They make me feel much better When I’m in a horrid mood. . Chip sarnies, chip butties And fish and chip teas, Just cook me some chips If you’re trying to please. . My Father loves chips […]