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October 2009

Get Your Granny A Computer.

Good morning to you, . Well, that was a strange weekend. By the time it was finished I was feeling really sorry for myself. . Last night I was doing my best imitation of a caterpillar, because Big H had me smothered in quilts as I was so shivery . I spent the night on […]

X Factor Final. Who Goes Today. 18th October.

Hi fellow addicts, . So here we are again.  Eleven must become ten no matter how much everyone cries. . I do not expect any shocks as yet. That should happen later on. when only the best are left. . Tonight we had a performance from Whitney Houston, who is trying to restart her career. […]

Poem: Batty About Bats.

Batty About Bats. . I’m truly batty about bats I’ve got more than three or four, There’s bats upon my ceilings And there’s bats around my door. There’s ninety in my bathroom Eighty seven in a drawer, There’s thirty three inside my pants, My kitchens got twelve more. I wear a bat upon my head […]

Poem: Jak Sie Masz. (Polish)

jak sie masz . so, jak sie masz means ‘how d’you do’ so jaksie says jak sie masz to you . .

Poor Fing Me.

Happy Sunday Dear Peeps, . Welcome upon this extremely foggy day. When I first looked at my windows this morning, I thought that they were all steamed-up, but it is just very, very foggy. Everything here is looking very mysterious, just like the beginning of a film about Sherlock Holmes should be………AHA, the plot thickens..and […]

Poem: Going Away For A While.

Going Away For A While. . Going to jail Can leave you quite pale But a jaunt to Milan Leaves you tan. . .

Poem: Adults.

Adults. . Adults are large Adults are strong Adults can tell When you’ve done wrong. . All adults are sly They cannot be spied As they creep up on children Who’ve cheated and lied. . Just say to yourself When you’re schemes go all wrong I don’t care… I’ll be grown up myself before long. […]

X Factor Results Plus Links To Video 17th October.

Hey, . Here we go again. . Tonight the eleven finalists will try their best not to be voted out tomorrow. The performances were based upon great Diva songs. . 1. Lucie jones opened the show. Hated the dress. Forgettable performance.  Perhaps she needs another few years to mature. What do you think? . 2.  […]

Poem: A Sheepish Answer To A Wooly Question.

A Sheepish Answer To A Woolly Question. . Ba ba black sheep Have you any wool, Of course I have, you stupid sod Don’t take me for a fool. . .

Poem: Night Watch.

Night Watch. . Youv’e been Watching me. I know that You’re doing it. I’ve seen you Watching me In the shadows Of your lonely room. Why don’t You call me. Why don’t you Speak to me On the train. Well, now I’ve Lifted my blinds And I see you there. . .