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October 2009

Frustrated At Jaksie.com

Hi Peeps, . Happy Saturday to you. . Still trying to tidy up the house ..so that’s my day planned out then! . Never mind though, tonight it is X Factor.  So I do have something to look forward to….isn’t that sad! . think that by tonight I should have finished painting up the stairs […]

Poem: A Proven Fact.

A Proven Fact. OK then, if he doesn’t fill it, who does? . I still believe that Santa’s real The things they say aren’t true, I always put MY stocking out Although I’m thirty two. . .

Poem: A Stupid Saying.

A Stupid Saying. . Two heads are better than one they say But that’s not strictly true, That’s not the answer you would get From someone who had two. . .

All Friday Not Touched Yet.

Hello, . It is 11.30am and I have only just got around to doing my blog. . I got up early as usual, but, as I was cleaning my teeth, I suddenly decided to paint the floor again, in one of the bedrooms. . I do not buy special floor paints though. I just get […]

Poem: Let’s Play Squash.

Let’s Play Squash. . Don’t squash spiders Don’t squash flies Don’t chopped onions Hurt your eyes . .

Sex Addicts.

Hey. . What is a sex addict! . What does that bring to mind. . I mean, are men expecting to be taken seriously when they say things like…. “I didn’t mean to play away but I just couldn’t help myself…or “It happened so suddenly I just could not stop it” . I mean, can […]

Lots More Pink Bits.

Good Morning, . It is Thursday today, so we are all probably looking forward to the weekend’s change in routine. . We do not have anything planned, due to the fact that Big H is somewhat worn out again this week. He has been having dreadful pains in his neck, even though the last scan […]

Are You On Your Way To A Dyke, Sir

Hello Again, . We have just got back from the shop and I decided to have a quick blog. . As you know, I recently changed my mind about getting my eyes zapped. I had made the appointment after andwent and had it done recently, and have both been thrilled with the results. So, as […]

New, Fabulous BBC Series. You CAN NOT Miss This! ,

Good Morning Peeps, . Last night Big H showed me a film clip last night, and it totally took my breath away. . It shows you a lizard….nicknamed ‘The Jesus Christ Lizard’ …..which walks on water. . The film was shot at 2,000 frames per second in order to show the amazing, slow motion, footage. […]

Stop Picking Your Nose Please.,

Hey, . How are you today! I hope that you are having a happy, mellow experience, and I hope that you are adding to the happy, mellow experience of other people by not picking your nose in public. . Last time I was in the car with Big H and we were stopped at the […]