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October 2009

Windmills Of My Mind.

Hi, . There was I, sitting quietly and minding my own business, looking through all of the background information that I can access, whilst fiddling around with the running of my Jaksie site. I did not feel like moving at all, because I had just made Big H and myself a huge bowl of chilli […]

Christmas Is Coming.

Season’s Greetings, . Have you bought any Christmas presents yet? I haven’t, even though, after last Christmas, I swore that I would. It would surely have felt very smug to watch everyone else worrying, and scattering around in the last minute crowds, while I had everything beautifully wrapped and tagged by Easter, and waiting on […]

Poem: Hippopotamus.

Hippopotamus. . The name sounds absurd But the old bull is not. Don’t think to approach him His temper is hot. He’s dangerous, he’s deadly, decidedly mean, A one to avoid on the African scene. If you see calves with cows I don’t think you should moo, These cantankerous mothers Will cut you in two. […]

I Cannot Believe I Missed This One.

Hey, . I have just discovered Stephen Fry and Mark Carwardine’s programmes… A Search For Animals On The Edge Of Extinction. . Have you seen these programmes? If you did I cannot believe that you did not tell ME about it! . I have just seen the most hilarious clip of a mating bird. I […]

X Factor 10.

Hey, . Hope your Monday is starting well and that your weekend was a good one. . Well here we go again with another X Factor episode.  This one finally choosing the final 12 acts to go through to the live finals. . Beginning in Dubai with Danni and the six girls. After waiting overnight […]

X Factor 9.

Good morning Peeps, . And so the game unfolds. . Did you watch it last night? It was judge’s houses this week.  The four different categories jetted off to spend time with their various mentors while they are whittled down from 24 to 12. Simon was in Los Angeles with the over 25’s, and Sinitta. […]

UFO’S. The Official Story.

G’day, . Once more I have risen early.  Four o’clock and all is well. It is extremely windy this morning and the sky  has been swept clear of clouds.  I can see many beautiful stars, twinkling and bright. It brought to mind a report that I read recently in The Times. Did you know that, […]

Weekend’s Nigh.

Hi, So it is Friday again, where on earth did the rest of the week go. I don’t seem to have done anything but apply miles of gloss paint to everything in sight. . Here today, where I live, the weather can only be described as very, very, wet, but it will be very refreshing […]

Different Strokes.

Hello, . It is very early in the morning…3.30am to be precise…and not only am I back up out of bed, but so is . I have just gone and made us both a mug of tea and a nice hot , because we are both so wide awake . Why does it happen sometimes! […]