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November 2009

Poem: Things That Go Bump In The Night.

Things That Go Bump In The Night. . . It could be a toy Tipping onto the floor, It could be a draught Coming under the door, It could be a cat Catching birds in a tree, But it might be a monster Who’s thinks I’m his tea. . .

X Factor.Haven’t John and Edward Done Well!

Good Morning Dear Peeps. . Interesting, but fluffy, news in all of the papers this morning. . I an hoping that things are going well for you today, but I very much doubt that you are in line for earning a large sum of money, possibly in excess £2m, very quickly. John and Edward are. […]

Greensleeves. X Factor’s Joe McElderry meets Henry Tudor.

Hi, . So we have got over the excitement of the weekend and we have a whole week not touched yet. Most excellent, because anything could happen. The world is our lobster! . I was a bit late in getting up today so I have just had to dash down and let the painters in […]

X Factor Live Show 7, Public Vote Results.22nd November 2009.

Hi again, . So, who will survive tonight. It won’t be long before someone else has to go-go. . We shall soon see. . Susan Boyle was the first guest. She sang Wild Horses. . The second guest was Mariah Carey. She sang I Wanna Know What Love Is. All of  the contestants gathered onstage […]

Me And Zippy.

Hey, . I wish you a happy Sunday, an enjoyable read of the newspapers and then a fine dinner….just like me! But I suspect that the more technologically inclined amongst you, just have a quick look online, if you want to find out what is happening in the world. . Does this mean that quite […]

X Factor Live Show 7. Plus Video. 21st November 2009

Hi Folks, . So here we are again. Once more waiting to see who will be pointed out by the fickle finger of fate….also known as the great British public. . After last week’s debacle, anything could happen, Given the shock disappearance of Jamie Archer, in the midst of much lesser singers, we can only […]

Oi, I Know Who Your Mum Is!

Good morning to you, . I fear that I am being very contrary once more. . I t is now 3am on Saturday morning and this will be the first morning of the week when I do not have to be up before workmen arrive, so, theoretically, it is the night that I could have […]

It’s A Quiet Day And It’s Raining Again.

Hi, . No sign at all of the today, but I put out some chocolate digestives and some chocolate chip cookies anyway, because it made me feel better. . The past couple of days have been quiet, because Big H has been feeling exhausted once more, thus requiring him to retire to his bed yet […]

Poem: Back To Reality.

Back To Reality. . Each time I go out it’s a drag Because you can’t leave Well alone, What causes you to bloody ring Me hourly, on my Mobile phone. You tell me plainly, that you think I can’t be trusted On my own Well finally I’ve seen the light, Life won’t be normal ‘Til […]

Avoid Workmen.

Good day to you, . Here we have yet another pretty morning of blue skies and cheering, but weak, sunshine. Not at all bad for November. . But I am worried about something. . For a long time now we have had the pleasure of watching, and listening to, two very beautiful grey doves nearby. […]