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November 2009

X Factor Public Vote Results on live show 6. 15th november 2009.

Hi again, . So, who will survive the night. It will not be long before …Another One Bites The Dust! . Will your favourite act be relegated to fighting it out before the judges….and then binned! . We shall soon see. . Tonight All of the X Factor finalists joined together to sing You Are […]

‘Twas On A Sunday Morning.

Hey, . Up very early again this morning, even after going to bed at 3.30am. . What on earth goes on with me…..I must be frightened that I am going to miss out on something. Just wait until tomorrow morning, when I HAVE to get up early because the painters will be here again.  Then […]

X Factor Live Show 6. Plus Links To Video. 14th November 2009

Hi to all you addicts out there. . It is that time again…so here we go! . This week is Queen Week….not an easy act to follow! . So who will give a rubbish performance tonight, and totally ruin their own grand dreams of world domination….soon we shall see. After all, somebody has to go, […]

Everything Goes In Circles.

Hi, . It’s Saturday…as if you hadn’t noticed! . Now, long ago I told you all about the pains of getting up, ready, fed and with before the arrival of various sets of workmen. I also told you yesterday about how we were going to switch off the alarm and enjoy the fact that we […]

Poem: Thingamajig.

Thingamajig. . While rooting in the Antiques Shop I found a wondrous thing With gears and wheels and little bells That gave the sweetest ring. I bought it, and I brought it home To sit beside my chair, Sometimes I see it, then I don’t, ‘Cos sometimes it’s not there. I don’t know what the […]

Poem: Tastes Do Differ.

Tastes Do Differ. . . Gay gardeners Love Sweet William. All Sapphics love Maids In A Row. Though old ladies sit In their Lavender bowers, I’m happy enjoying Profuse Golden Showers. . .

Poem: Pickled.

Pickled. . . It’s mellow Lying n my chair, I’ve had a Bit to drink. At times like this I feel the best, And that should Make me think. . .

Poem: Better Safe Than.

Better Safe Than. . Quite late, upon an empty street, There was a man I chanced to meet. . Hie voice was smokey with a vibrant hum That thrilled me right down to my bum. . He said, ‘I’ve noticed you before, Please let me walk you to your door.’ . They say be careful […]

Thank God For Weekends.

Good Morning Peeps, . Hoping that you are feeling frisky today, and ready for your coming weekend. . I am. It is now a case of Big H and I going a bit stir crazy. Tomorrow we shall not be setting the alarm in order to ensure that we do not sleep in and then […]

Conversation On A Train.

Hi Peeps, . All the best to you upon this fine, sunny morning. I think that it could best be described as cold….yet bracing! . Big H is off to the doctors this morning, because I made him an appointment after talking with my brother at the weekend. He is going to ask to be […]