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December 2009

Poem: My Cat.

My Cat. . As a child I loved my cat He was a friend Who kept me warm Asleep between my thighs In a cold winter bed . .

He Knows Which Side His Bread Is Buttered On.

He Knows Which Side His Bread Is Buttered On. . He does not like a weepy film But watches anyway He’s got no taste for shopping But he follows me all day Sometimes there’s football on the box He does not get to see And when I’ve been with girlfriends I’m too drunk to make […]

Poem: Autumn.

Autumn. . Summer’s gone again I see the bright flushed Fevered leaves Remembering warmer passions In a froth of scattered petticoats Abandoned on the ground .

Poem: In My Dreams.

In My Dreams. . I like to visit Paris Snog with Johnny Depp in Thebes There’s nothing I would rather do Than shag Keanu Reeves I like a beach and moonlight where Brad Pitt and I can play I just can’t wait to get to bed And dream my nights away . .

Boxing Day Today.

Hi, . So how are you today! Are you feeling bright eyed and bushy-tailed or are you feeling, hung over and too full! Never mind, even if it is the latter, then it probably seemed a very good idea at the time. . I am sitting here in my new dressing gown, feeling most pleased, […]

Merry Christmas to You.

Welcome Dear Peeps, . And may I wish you a very happy Christmas. . I slept in a little later this morning, mostly due to far too much alcohol last night, but it was a fine Xmas Eve. . It is a perfect morning here, with snow on the ground and a pale, gleaming silver/gray […]

Poem: Winter.

Winter. . . Bony fingers dipping In a Payne’s Gray palette Seeping cloudy lemon At the edge of crushed And weeping grass Dripping with liquid shit . .

Poem: Origami.

Origami. . I watched it Flipping in the gutter, A flash of creamy wings Seeming to fly But only for a second. My heart was caught Helpless like the bird That showed itself to be An old discarded wrapper Empty at the roadside. It’s not the first time That I’ve been fooled this way, But […]

Poem: Passion In A Cornfield.

Passion In A Cornfield. . . Those summer clouds could only be The smallest shadows On a pink expanse Of loves wetlands . .

Where’s My Snow Gone.

Good day to yourself, . So we have finally arrived at one of the best times of the year. Christmas Eve is really here. The world seems hushed with anticipation. Excellent! . All of the presents have been beautifully wrapped and are waiting in a pile under the glittering tree. . Big H actually believed […]