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December 2009

Poem: A Faster Love.

A faster love . . I never promised it would be a long forever thing with me. My words upon that moment were only truly meant to be a flowery sentiment across a buttock… pinkly bent. . .

Poem:Waiter, This Chef Is Too Crispy!

Waiter, This Chef Is Too Crispy. . . The air was hot and steamy too The chef had grown irate When I say chop…you bloody chop When I say grate…you grate His mood was such, they hated him With all his spite and ire So no-one fetched a blanket When he set himself on fire. […]

Nikola Tesla. Genius.

Hi, . Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla? . I hadn’t, and I was totally amazed when I discovered him. . Some people are remembered for one thing only, not for a lifetime of such creative invention. . Nikola Tesla was not only outstanding intellectually but also in his physical presence. He was a […]

Getting Warmer By The Day.

Hey, . Well, I was up late again this morning….and this time I know why! . Yesterday afternoon we went out to get some Christmas shopping and we also bought an Electric Blanket. Big H is always feeling cold and shivery nowadays and he sleeps badly, often waking me up at many different times over […]

I Bet Joe McElderry Likes Mondays.

Hi, . And a fine Monday to yourself! . If you are at work then I hope that your outlook is a bit more cheerful than mine, because Mondays can be bad enough, without needing help from the weather. . It is very grey here along with more of that fine rain that you think […]

Poem: Wet Dreams.

wet dreams. . wet dreams of you in blue soundtracked wet backed pole axed art house themes torn seams porn dreams. . .

X Factor Results. The Final. With Videos. 13th December 2009.

Hey, . So here we are. We have finally reached the Final. . Who will win tonight. Will it be Joe or Olly! Let’s find out. . It kicked off with a group performance by the X Factor final twelve singing “Never Forget”. . . Then the first songs of the night by the two […]

Ross Kent Really Creases Me Up.

HEY, . Do you need a good laugh! There is always a need just for one more really good one isn’t there! . And here it is. My face is sore from laughing. . . For months now there have been thousands of creative people folding up pictures of the lovely Ross Kemp’s face. Honestly, […]

Poem: Heavy Shoes.

Heavy Shoes. . . She sat in bed permanently. Though she never left the bedroom She walked with heavy shoes Through every space in my life. Rifling through my emotions Heedlessly, mixing up my tidy piles Of memories and future plans. . .

Poem: Making Your Mind Up.

.Making Your Mind Up. . . It seems our argument Is not a shared one Your state of indecision Is most definitely gone . .