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December 2009

Poem: Are Crocodile Handbags Dangerous!

Are Crocodile Handbags Dangerous! . Two baby crocodiles Sat upon a stone One called Kevin And one called Joan . Big mammy crocodile Hides beneath the water Waiting til their dinner comes The way that croccies ought’a .

Poem: Things You Just Know.

Things You Just Know. . I leap into bed Without touching the floor I never sit dangling My legs anymore . It just does not matter What others have said I know there’s a monster Waits under the bed .

It’s Raining It’s Pouring.

HI, . Freezing cold and raining here today. Definitely a day for snuggling up with a glass of whiskey and a good book . Last time we went to Tynemouth for a rummage around, Big H bought himself a few novels, one of which was ‘Azincourt’ written by Bernard Cornwell. As I had nothing else […]

Things That come As A Shock.

Hi, . At the weekend I was reading the news story about a poor guy who found out something that must have come as a most horrible shock. . A DJ called Matthew Roberts, now 41 years of age, was adopted as a baby in 1968. . He grew up with his parents in Illinois […]

Poem: A Little Bit Of What You Fancy.

A Little Bit Of What You Fancy. . On Mondays I fancy a Chinese On Tuesdays I feel like a Thai On Wednesdays I fetch an Italian From a place I discovered nearby On Thursdays my taste runs to Turkish On Fridays I fancy it Greek But at weekends I just get a takeaway ‘Cos […]

Update On My Search For Go Go Hamsters.

Hi, . All hail to Big H. He has brought home the bacon! He has killed the Dinosaur and successfully brought home the meat to his admiring mate. He has prevailed against adversity. . In other words, dear peeps, he has obtained the elusive Go Go Hamster, last seen disappearing over the Christmas Hill into […]

Go Go Hamsters.

Hello peeps, . What is the most wanted toy for Christmas? It’s a GO GO Hamster at £9.99 There are various ones, in different colours, and with different names, and with lots of expensive accessories too. . You didn’t know that!    What planet are you living on! . I know this because I was reading […]