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X Factor Live Show 8. Plus Video. 28th November 2009

Hello, . Well, it is that time again. The last 5 of 200,000 hopefuls. . This week each contestant sang two songs. The first set of songs was from  Take That. . 1. Danyl Johnson. . What a rubbish dancer! For me, he just does not appeal, although he does look better now with the […]

I’m Free.

HI, . It’s Friday, the weekend is almost upon us, and I’m free. I was determined to have a lie in this morning….just because I could! And I did. . Now I am sitting here in my comfortable old tigerskin patterned dressing gown, drinking a lovely cup of tea, whilst doing my blog. It is […]

Partners In Crime.

Partners In Crime. . My Mum is sad My Dad’s afeared ‘Cos Granny’s getting Very weird. Her name is Bonnie And she’s bad, I couldn’t count The fines she’s had. The police are always At our door, They really give My Gran what for. She twocs fast cars, She shoplifts too, We hear the tales […]

A Metrosexual Cat.

Hello Peeps, . What a fine day this is. Today, my painters, who have been working here for nearly a month, will be completely FINISHED! . Yeaaaaaaah!! . No more of that scary Nitromors stuff, no more dust from sanding down the stripped wood, no more eye watering paint smells, and no more living in […]

What Would Big H Like For Breakfast?

Hello Again, . So, once more, I sit here in the early hours of the morning, blogging, instead of getting a good night’s sleep. . It is not my fault this time though….it is Big H’s. . This is because he is so security conscious. . He likes to have the house properly locked up […]

Poem: November.

November. . . Crows fly in ribbons Through a darkened sky, Then gather, leaf-like, In bleak trees nearby. . .

Poem: After Death. Upon The Path Of Stars.

After Death. Upon The Path Of Stars. . . I am happy Upon this new path, I have not been This way before But it has waited, Knowing that I, Upon the turn of life, Would walk this way. . .

Poem: Things That Go Bump In The Night.

Things That Go Bump In The Night. . . It could be a toy Tipping onto the floor, It could be a draught Coming under the door, It could be a cat Catching birds in a tree, But it might be a monster Who’s thinks I’m his tea. . .

X Factor.Haven’t John and Edward Done Well!

Good Morning Dear Peeps. . Interesting, but fluffy, news in all of the papers this morning. . I an hoping that things are going well for you today, but I very much doubt that you are in line for earning a large sum of money, possibly in excess £2m, very quickly. John and Edward are. […]

Greensleeves. X Factor’s Joe McElderry meets Henry Tudor.

Hi, . So we have got over the excitement of the weekend and we have a whole week not touched yet. Most excellent, because anything could happen. The world is our lobster! . I was a bit late in getting up today so I have just had to dash down and let the painters in […]