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Poem: Bad Plan. (Poem For P)

bad plan . you’ve started breaking all the rules you think you’re mr coolio you cannot see that where you’ll end will make you quite a foolio . .


Hello to you, whoever you REALLY are. . I was suddenly thinking how totally liberating the Web for us all. . We are able to be the person that we want to be, and not the toungue-tied and unsure person that we may feel that we are in everyday life. It is like there is […]

Life. Too Good To Miss.

Hi, . Just in case you forgot to watch the BBC series I was previously. . Here is a link to the second episode! It may look like the “Jesus” clip but this is the full episode. It really is too good to miss out on. J. . ,

My Computer May Be Planning To Kill Us.

Hello Dear Peeps, . Now, as I have been for a long time, my computer is evil and . The nasty creature regularly mocks me by removing whole pages of my work, refusing to switch on or off, and by generally causing me to have caused by it’s unceasing guerrilla tactics. It does these unholy […]

Poem; Fuck Off.

fuck off . you said you loved me but you lie you can just fuck off i hope you die . .

11-Year Itch.

Hey, . Are you well? And Happy? I very much hope that you are. . I feel a lot better now. I can breathe properly and I feel almost normal, just very tired. Hopefully Big H has not caught ‘flu from me so that is very encouraging because when his he catches everything that is […]

Poem: My Granny.

My Granny. . My Gran’s a Goth, She’s dressed in black With red and purple hair. She rides a Harley Davidson Her breasts make workmen stare. She’s small and loud She likes a spliff There’s nothing she’ll refuse. She swears just like a trucker And she really loves her booze. Her skirts are high Her […]

Poem: Dear Mum.(Warning, dangerously high sugar content)

Dear Mum. . When life goes wrong I turn to you You’ve always been So strong. . You hold me In a tight embrace And dry the tears Upon my face. . You’ve loved me well Through thick and thin You’ve given all You could. . There’s no one else Could match the sum Of […]

Poem: Dust To Dust.

Dust To Dust. . At work, my friend was sitting In the desk across from mine, We’d both worked there for ages Our relationship was fine. . I like my wooden pencils Just as sharp as sharp can be, So only hypodermic points Are sharp enough for me. . One day, this friend of many […]

Poem: The Core Of The Problem.

The Core Of The Problem. . The stories all show Adam trapped Within temptations weave. All blame is fixed, all bad intent, Upon a wicked Eve. . The direst warnings he knew well, But eat that fruit he must, The culprit was his appetite, ‘Twas gluttony, not lust. . .