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Poetry: Prayer For Grace.

Prayer For Grace . Lord grant me patience Grace and understanding To deal with the situations That I am faced with . Lord help me to accept The way things are And to do my best To change them for the better . Help me to be kind Help me to be loving And help […]

Poem: There Was An Old Woman.

There Was An Old Woman. . There was an old woman Who wore a fur stole She never wore stockings That hadn’t a hole She never ate kippers Or honey or jam She never stopped wanting A little old man. .

Poem: Have You Ever Wondered Why.

Have You Ever Wondered Why . . Why do Bobbies wear those hats The reason is quite simply said A Bobby wears a pointy hat To fit his pointy head . .

Poem: Once Upon A Time.

Once Upon A Time. . . One step behind The memories Faded like violets Tissue folded sharply In a darkened drawer In a corner of my mind . .

Christmas Eve Is Almost Here.

Hello People, . Finally,Christmas Eve is almost here, isn’t that wonderful! It is such a different day, as everyone always seems buoyed up by anticipation. Obviously not Christmas….but almost as good in it’s own way. . This morning I woke up in a panic because I was having a dream about a disaster. It was […]

Poem: Dirty Rotten Fibbers.

Dirty Rotten Fibbers . . . A Mammoth Sale The advert said, I rushed to buy a pair, But though I searched Both high and low There were no mammoths there. . .

Maggie’s Story. The Worst Kind Of Fluffy Romantic Fiction….And Why Not!

. . Maggie thought that her marriage was over. . She stared deeply into her cup of coffee as she sat at the kitchen table. Her thoughts were chaotic, darting from one thing to another, the whole morning coloured by a dull throbbing pain behind her eyes. What on earth was the point of it […]

Lost London.

Hi, . Still cold, white and frozen here with a forecast for more of the same. Proper Christmas weather. It beats sitting down to a hot, festive meal with all the trimmings while the sunshine is blasting down, which has happened quite often in the past few years. . The only real problem here is […]

Poem: Misplaced Affections,.

Misplaced Affections. . The Gas Man hates To come to call, Our Great Dane Is the reason. Our Fido hides, Then tries to mate He thinks the man’s In season. .

Deep And Crisp And Even.

Good Morning Peeps, . How are you this most excellent December day. . I hope that good things are happening to you. . Back here where I dwell, it is way cold, but it looks entirely beautiful. Everything is covered in white, the spectral trees looking like fine lace against a hazily blue sky, and […]