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Son Of Bear.

Hello dear peeps, . Today is a very cold one up here in the chilly North East. I have fished out my big sheepskin boots.  Unfortunately not real Uggs, but a fair copy, and they do keep my feet well toasty. I have worn these during the winters for most of the last several years […]

Poem: Definitely A Keeper.

Definitely A Keeper. . Jeff Goldblum has such lovely legs, They’re lithe and long and very strong. Clint Eastwood used to ‘make my day’, But now Josh Brolin  leads the way. That Jason Statham looks quite fit, His abs beguile me quite a bit. Hugh Jackman’s hot, but still, it’s true, I would not swap […]

Moctezuma: Aztec Ruler. The British Museum Is The Place To Be.

Hello, Hello, . Thrilling things happening in London soon.. . The summer may be passing but you all have something wonderful to look forward too. Yes, of course there is Christmas, but I am talking about what promises to be the high point of the year…unless George Clooney is going to make me an offer […]

Sorry. It Happened again.

Hello folks, . I must make yet to you all. Today I got a heads-up from a charming lady named Manmeet, who had tried to access my site and had been totally unable to get it to show any of my paintings. Thank goodness she told me, or I would have gone blithely on just […]

Dogs’ Bums And Their Owners.

Good morning to you, . As usual, I was up this morning. It is really sunny outside and the sky is a pale Wedgewood blue. A quite entrancing start to the day, until I bagged  up some rubbish and went out of the patio  door and I needed to do these things with some alacrity […]

Poem:Bricking It.

Bricking It. . The scourge of constipation For some is truly chronic, But as a student, I have found Exams are nature’s tonic

Poem: Don’t Talk To Strangers.(extract from Bone Soup)

. don’t talk to strangers . please take a sweetie little girl would you like to see a kitten do you know the way to maudlin street would you let me tie your mitten . come here young man i’m slightly deaf come closer to the car don’t be afraid i know your mum get […]

Poem: Two Eyes Is Wise.

two eyes is wise . ten fingers ten toes that’s how it goes and more or less can really stress . two eyes is wise and no surprise while three or more would cause uproar .

Poem: Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb.

Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb. . Swimming in custard Is sticky and yellow, Not suitable for A fastidious fellow. . To meet with a shark While you’re swimming, is rare, So you’re pretty safe From that sort of a scare. . There’s only one drawback Once you’ve found a towel. You’ll need to lay hands On a […]

Poem: Advice For Travellers.

Advice For Travellers. . There’s one thing you must never do No matter where you roam, You must not go to Germany, You’re better off at home. The reason is a simple one Which everyone affirms. You must not go to Germany Because it’s full of GERMS. . .