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Invasion Of The Giant Jellyfish.

Hi, . Have you read about the Giant Jellyfish that are disrupting the Japanese fishing industry this year. I have never seen anything so absolutely amazing . It is thought to be attributable to Global Warming because the seas around Japan and China are warming quickly and providing these creatures with their ideal conditions. . […]

Poem: At The Edge Of Town.

At The Edge Of Town. . I thought you loved me At the edge of town On a Friday night. I thought you loved me In a breathy world Of condensation Showing hearts and names That speckled sharply In the turning lights. .

Poem: Adult verse.

Adult Verse. . . It was truly poetry X-certificated verse But I’ve heard worse . Such ragged groans The spoken words quite terse But I’ve heard worse .

Poem. There Is No Such Thing As A Sasquatch.

There Is No Such Thing As A Sasquatch. . A hunter in America Was deep within a wood, Intent on tracking down a deer The signs were fresh and good. . That he himself was being sought Just did not cross his mind, But something different dogged his trail And was not far behind. . […]

Poem: Only The One Chance.

Only The One Chance. . . Isn’t it sad That all the things We never said Are truly dead . .

Poem: In Like Flynn

In Like Flynn. . Why was his world not right His beauty brought him small delight He scoured the world Took his pick it seemed Cleared Hollywood of empty dreams. This man could write, excite, ignite Delight in all who saw his light. Did rampant drugs provide the soul A woman’s tender flesh the whole. […]

Poem: A Winter’s Tale.

A winter’s tale. . The light was beautiful as we climbed the Tor. Everything seemed lemon tinted. The sky so low you could touch it. Our lips were too chilled to kiss so we held hands and smiled. When we got to the top the view spread out before us and we suddenly saw the […]

Poem: Promises To Keep.

Promises To Keep. . . In the darkest corners Of my heart I keep many secrets. Not all of them are wanted But all of them are truly mine. . .

Poem: Blind Man.

Blind Man. . . You may not Be a blind man But you have No ability To truly see the whole truth And nothing but . .

Poem: December Dance.

December Dance. . . It’s twirling and whirling and prancing and dancing and sailing and floating and carelessly coating all England today. . .