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January 2010

Poem; Hydrangeas Give Great Head.

Hydrangeas Give Great Head. . Aren’t Hydrangeas a bloody treat With their huge flowered heads. It is definitely overkill Pure and simple showing off, But it really works for me. I particularly love the blue ones But having actually decided that I totally love the pink ones. The truth of the matter is that In […]

The Revenge Of The Dubious Chicken.

Good morning to you, . Well, here I am once again, up at an unfeasibly early hour. Unfortunately, we switch off the central heating at night, so it is totally freezing cold. I have looked out of the window and I see that all of the cars on the street are glittering with frost. . […]

Poem:Still Dancing In My Mind.

Still Dancing In My Mind. . . She danced nude for me Unashamed and slightly drunk. It was just a messy student flat, But in all the long years since I have never see anything That was so very beautiful. . .


What-What. . . Imagine waking up in the night And not knowing where you are, Nothing is familiar or comfortable Everything is strange and out of place. Is it that you are still dreaming Or has something gone really wrong. . .

Poem: A Guilt Trip.

A Guilt Trip. . . Did you work out How much you had to drink Did you decide that You could take the risk. The thought of not going To check up on a friend Would be an intimation Of a future guilt trip. Sometimes it does not matter What you decide to do, Whether […]

Poem: Triple D Cup.

Triple D Cup. . . Your life can be changed With a lottery win Or by taking a lover Or getting all thin. You can dye your hair blue Or decide to enlist Or wee on a policeman Next time you get pissed. I changed my flat life In a meaningful way By getting huge […]

Poem: Seven Hours Of Sorry.

Seven Hours Of Sorry. . . One thousand Hail  Marys Just won’t cut it. It goes nowhere near Wiping out those sins. . .

Poem: Babygirl.

Babygirl. . She’s small and dark and beautiful, She bites her bottom lip, and pouts, Her tiny fists will quickly clench With temper, she’s a roustabout. Each meal a long and laboured thing With certain foods that are abhorred, Each time we have to go somewhere She picks the pink clothes she adores. I can’t, […]

Poem: Friday December 18th 2009.

Friday December 18th 2009. . . Today the world Is reborn in white. How beautiful. It takes my breath away. . .

Poem: An Unknown Place.

An Unknown Place. . . Inside the tigerskin Is a truly spooky place. No windows outward To a familiar world, Only a determined facing off The heightened heartbeat Of  emancipated sight. Once past the hot breath There is a definite ease In this step beyond normality. . .