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January 2010

Poem: A Piece Of Heaven.

A Piece Of Heaven. . . It is just a tiny yard Around a cast iron staircase And it faces north. Only in the height Of a Mediterranean summer Does sunlight kiss it’s walls with gold. At this moment, I await The sudden birth of Hyacinths To drench the captured air With peerless pungent poetry. […]

Poem: It’s Your Move Now.

It’s Your Move Now. . . I’ve paved the way, A stitch in time, Played hard to get Then crossed the line. There’s no cliche I have not tried, My fervent wish So far denied. I’ve set the trap I’ve changed the bed, It’s your move now Or hope is dead. . .

Poem: Don’t You Think.

Don’t You Think. . . Don’t you think it’s a miracle To see someone create a garden, To take over a piece of weed choked ground And will it into a living paradise Of colour, birdsong, movement, Light and quiet contentment. . .

Poem: Even A worm Is Just Trying To Make A Living.

Even A Worm Is Just Trying To Make A  Living. . Don’t you just hate it When you see one lying, Drying up on the pavement. I usually pick them up And put them in damp grass, But I always spit on them first Because it makes me feel better. I don’t know what the […]

A Matter Of Some Weight!

Hi, . News flash. . Weighty matters to share with you all. Whoaah, life can be dangerous in the most unlikely of places. . You do not necessarily have to be or deep sea . . Recently, on Jan 15th in Sweden, some unfortunate people learned that it is dangerous to be too overweight. . […]

Poem:Maternity Alert.

Maternity Alert. . . There’s no feeling like Buying a pregnancy test, There’s nothing secret About it at all. Not with an overly Helpful assistant, Blessed with a Vary loud voice. . .

Poem: Rehash

. . I looked for a memory of then But they had all been replaced By the modernist movement. Not all old things are obsolete, Not all new times are better. There’s a mine of pure delight In rehashing ancient sins. . .

How Are You Today. Any Presents?

Greetings, . It sounds like a birthday card when I start like that! I have never realised that before, but you know what I mean to convey. A hearty, satisfied mood would be what I am aiming for today, but if it is your birthday then I wish you a very, very happy one and […]

Poem: A Tricksy One.

A Tricksy One. . . It’s a tricksy one this And not easy to express, Just ‘cos we’ve been together more Don’t think I love you less. Romance can feel neglected There are quarrels as we gel, But though the going may get rough I love you very well. . .

Poem: Ever And Ever.

Ever And Ever. . . It was the agreed course, To love forever and ever. To stay steadily together, The future planned, hand in hand. Growing our own family Before just growing old. Finding such a true purpose Was the real miracle of life, Never thinking that our forever Was subject to a driver Who […]