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January 2010

Poem:The Press Of Life.

The Press Of Life. . . Take heart from the time That you have already spent, We do not stop in the press of life We carry on in spite of it. Now we are none of us the same, We are all stunted in our true growth. Adapted to the weight of life But […]

A Fascinating Experiment.

Hey, . Another dark and sombre day today, with thick grey clouds glowering overhead. Sometimes this kind of weather feels positively biblical, like those days when the clouds are suddenly pierced by a shaft of light that reaches down to the earth in just one clear beam. There is such beauty in all the various […]

Poem: Red Ferrari.

Red Ferrari. . . An innocent stranger In a red Ferrari And I hate him. Why am I like this. Is it because he’s lucky Or because I never tried. . .

Poem:Not In Focus

Not In Focus. . . It is hard to describe it. Even time and thought Cannot set clearly in memory Something that transfixes you, But is only seen in black and white Within the cinema of the mind. No colour we could possibly name Would clearly describe the truth Reflected in a widened eye The […]

What An Excellent Way To Spend The Night.

Good Morning Peeps, . How do I find you today? . I feel fabulous….absolutely fabulous. I have just spent the whole night looking around Antique Shops. . Let me explain . For many years I used to have a recurring dream. I would be in a walled city, circular and made of stone, with an […]


Karma. . . It is painful to wait But you cannot force it, Or bribe it, or coerce The outcome that you wish. You need to wait patiently For things that may never come. . .

Poem: The Road.

The Road. . How far along the road Do you think you are, Is there still time to do All the things you want. Or have you changed your mind About the things you want, And will you do that again. How long is the road anyway, I don’t imagine it is endless Because that […]

At Least I Did Not Have To Picket A Shop This Week!

Hey, . I got up really early again this morning. The clock has gradually come around to eight thirty, but it is still very dark outside, with such a heavy grey sky that I still need all of the house lights on in order to see properly. Not the most cheerful of starts to the […]

The Shocking Re-appearance Of A Victorian Disease.

Hi, . What an excellent morning  it is today. The sky is pale grey, it is very cold but there is one bright ray of sunshine and it is cheering to see it. . That bright shaft of light reminds me of how horrified I felt to find out that there is now a rise […]

Poem:Window Shopping.

Window Shopping. . . I saw him in a restaurant, I saw him on a train I even saw him sitting On a park bench, in the rain. . I intend to see him close-up, I intend to get it said, I would love to see him naked In my bedroom, in my bed. . […]