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January 2010

Poem: Chocolate.

Chocolate. . . Chocolate assumes A large part Of every single Day she spends. It calls to her, From every shop, A siren call That never ends. . .

The Lost City Of Z.

Hey, . Is it all over now? Are we finally thawed out? . Up until Saturday we still had snow lying and there was very treacherous ice underfoot but then we experienced rain for most of yesterday. This has resulted in everything being cleared away so comprehensively that the place looks normal again. . I […]

This Is The Most Beautiful Thing.

Hi, I have to share this clip with you. . It is one of the most lovely things that I have ever seen. . People say that animals do not have the same feelings that humans have, but I think that they should see this lion showing affection, love and gratitude towards the woman who […]

Poem: Murderous Thoughts.

Murderous Thoughts. . . We may be dating, but it’s true, I love your dog much more than you. It’s got so bad I feel like hell If you don’t bring the dog as well. If you should die, then he’d be mine, I’d feed him steak I’d cooked with wine, He’d sleep with me […]

Poem: Phone call from Gers.

Phone Call From Gers. . . She looks forward To infrequent phone calls From the Gers region Of southern France. He says a swift ‘Hello, I’m fine and very well But I can’t speak to you For very long’. It’s good to know he’s happy, It’s lovely that He ‘s got it all. But she […]

Poem: Bast.

Bast. . . She sits, Sphinx like, Up on the bookcase, Not moving anything at all Except her beautiful eyes. I look at her and I feel I am being visited by an ancient, Otherworldly and unknown. Not connected in any way With that other creature Who empties out my handbag Whilst I am asleep. […]

Poem:An Unusual Boy.

An Unusual Boy. . . He was an enchanted man And a strange one. Born knowing things He later thought he’d learned. . .

Poem: Graff.

Graff. . . Our dog has been dead For several years now, But we still miss him So much that it hurts. The way he would sleep Outside the bedroom door, Aware of any signs Of a possible early riser. . .

Poem: Cadbury’s Have A Lot To Answer for.

Cadbury’s Have A Lot To Answer For. . . It’s them to blame For my tight clothes, My unworn gear. Those bulging zips. The wardrobe full Of tiny clothes I bought on Wishful shopping trips. They lay temptation In my path, They catch me ‘Cos I can’t resist, Although a little Fault is mine Because […]

Poem: Honey.

Honey. . A shady bedroom Thick with honey, Dark except for One small nightlight, Enough to reveal A tiny sleeping child Nestled in cartoon sheets. A shiny, pink shelled thumb, Held tight within A soft, pursed mouth. Still, but for random stiffenings As though surprised In baby dreams. . .