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February 2010

Poem: Clear View Mirror.

Clear View Mirror. . . Even on the easiest days There are intimations of the future Which is fast approaching now, The different parts of the self Accepting what is soon to be. Youth seems a very long way away, Along with the carelessness it finds, But there are other compensations. . . .

I Will And Then Some!

Hi, . Good day to you. Hoping that your Sunday is progressing nicely for you. If not, there is always tomorrow, although, on the down side, that will probably be a . I like a . It is a and for me it usually seems to begin in the same way. . Although I am […]

Poem:Enid Blyton Perfection.

Enid Blyton Perfection. . . It is eight o’clock on a Sunday morning And there’s the whole day not touched yet. We’ll have papers to read and coffee to drink There’s doors to unlock and birds to feed Nothing to do and all day to do it in, What more could you ask of the […]

Wholesale Slaughter.

Hi, . Greetings from a cold and dark corner of the UK. It is still freezing here, with no visible sign of change. When I got up this morning and looked out of the window I could still see snow lying in the fields across the valley. Brrrr.! . Today has proceeded in an orderly […]

Poem: Black Hole.

. Black Hole. . . You can paint any word pictures you please, You can talk unctuously ’til you are blue in the face But it will not change anything, You are a natural killer and you know it. You say you are aware of the weight of the truth, There were reasons that you […]

Problems In Paradise.

Hi, . Well, this is a way late time to be putting out my daily blog, but I am afraid there has been a serious teething problem with the beautiful Or should I say,, a problem with the operating system…. best described by my in-house expert ‘Big H’ as a software problem. . The Vista […]

Poem: This Is The Real Thing.

This Is The Real Thing. . This world we know Is not a playground, It is a testing ground, A school of thought For who we think we are. It is like a sweet shop With the door unlocked, An electric line-up Of  hanging chickens. We have a full free will To take until we […]

For All That We Have.

Good Morning to you all, . This is being written in a grey and dark location in the UK, a complete repeat of yesterday in fact. How rubbish is that! Has the weather run out of new ideas. Is it not interested in being surprising anymore! . So, I shall be equally boring to match, […]

Poem: Snapshot In A Life.

Snapshot In A Life. . . One of the best memories ever Was deciding to drive up to Beadnell On a beautiful summer’s morning. We took all the Sunday papers, Along with the bar-b-cue, some fat sausages, A few buns and a great big flask of tea, We already had a picnic blanket in the […]

Poem: Magic Carpet Ride.

Magic Carpet Ride. . . It happened right there, No word, no doubt, no warning, He  just pulled her up from the chair And began to kiss her. It ended right there On that old Persian carpet Down in front of a roaring fire. What a ride. What a night. . .