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February 2010

It’s A Grey Day.

Hey, . Isn’t grey  a funny word. I sometimes spell it gray too, but the spellcheck always underlines it as incorrect, whereas the dictionary tells me that either spelling is acceptable. Anyway, if I do it the way the spellcheck wants, then it leaves me alone so I have succumbed to it’s bullying. Perhaps it is […]

Poem: Beyond Here There Be Monsters.

Beyond Here There Be Monsters. . . No wonder that children Think there are monsters Because I find that Even in our well remembered room There is not enough light To see familiar things And now I find myself Veering back into childhood. . .

The Postman Calls.

Hi Peeps, . Once again I hope that I find you well and happy with your lot. I always try to be happy with mine because I am far too lazy to go to the bother of trying to change anything anyway! . We have a pleasant day here today. The sky is a none […]

Poem: Journey’s End.

Journey’s End. . . As we pass by On the motorway Towards the big town, I see the shape Beside the tangled verge. We are already past it But I wonder what it was, A large badger perhaps Or an unlucky dog Trying to take a shortcut. Sadly, it did work. . .

A Strange Phenomenon.

Hey, . Greetings to you once again, hope you are now in the throes of recovering from the most wonderful of weekends. If not, don’t stress about it, mine was an extremely one quiet too. But nice enough! . There are some people having much more worrying ones. A dear friend of mine is going […]

Poem: Sage Advice Taken.

Sage Advice Taken. . . When I said that you must improve, Must lift your level of play In this rush for love, I meant that you should look To improve development on the inside. I did not mean to suggest That you should buy an up-lift bra, But, then again, it will probably work! […]

Hooks And Lines….And The Creature From The Black Lagoon.

Hi Peeps, . Once again I greet you at the dawn of yet another fine day. This one is not the tropical extravaganza that yesterday was, but it is still beautiful in a much quieter way. . The sky is a luminous silver and there is a fogginess to everything. All of the edges are […]

Poem: To Come Upon You Unaware.

To Come Upon You Unaware. . . Each time I see you After a short break I am struck once more By how beautiful you are, Even though I know you well It still comes as a shock To see you with fresh eyes, Until I grow used to you again. . .

Poem: Hate Mail.

Hate Mail. . . I hate your face I hate your voice Why did I pick you When I had the choice. . How did the future Turn to shit, If I’d known the score I’d have cancelled it. . .

How Good Can It Get.

Hello, Hello, . How good is it today! . This is the most beautiful morning I have woken up to in such a long time. Even the birds are exulting in it. I have never heard such a joyful morning chorus. . The sky is an amazing Disney blue, from one corner to the other, […]