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February 2010

Poem: Wandering Eyes.

Wandering Eyes. . . It is hard to speak to her Without being stumped for words, So bemused am I by her nipples, Especially on a cold day. . .

Poem: Hush Baby.

Hush Baby . . Hush baby, go to sleep, I am  here to love you, To keep you safe From harm, For this short time You are mine completely, To feed you, hold you, kiss you And to keep you warm. . . . ..

The Next Best Thing To Magic.

Hey, . It’s that time again….Friday….with the whole weekend not touched yet. Excellent. . I had a wonderful time last night. Big H went out as usual, to play computer games with his friend, so I was left to my own devices once more. . It was my first time to try the . During […]

Poem:Spring Clean.

Spring Clean. . . In the chilly aftermath Of winter’s harsh domination All is left beleaguered and bemused, Dull brown and dried out crispy leaves In slimy carpets underfoot To catch a step unwary. It’s a spring cleaning we need now To polish up the coated paths, Use elbow grease to shift the muck, Then […]

Poem: Fetish.

Fetish. . . Her feet are beautiful, Long, thin and elegant, Showing the length of tendons As she restlessly moves them, Sitting, legs up, on the soft velvet settee Close before the living room stove. One pretty toe, capped with a blood red nail, Is encircled by a silver ring. . .

Big H Is Happy.

Hey, . Hoping all is well with yourself today. . Things are extremely mellow here at the moment. The computer Big H chose on line, arrived exactly on time yesterday, which was very good. He had a fine time getting into the box and unwrapping it all….just like Christmas all over again! . Of course […]

Poem: Mother Russia.

Mother Russia. . . Her name is Mother Russia She holds their devotion fast, From central cities To the furthest reaches Of her frozen earth. By night, when all is quiet Her children sleep, They sleep, their breathing Matching every rhythm Of her ancient beating heart. . .

Poem: Works Of Art.

Works Of Art. . . We made love On the riverbank, We made love In a field Not far from home, We put our own Exotic embroidery Onto many summer days. . .

Poem: So I’m Not Famous.

So I’m Not Famous. . . So I’m not rich and famous. OK, so I’m not rich and famous. It’s only me after all Living an ordinary life, But I can understand Even people like Hannibal And the mighty Kublai Khan Are dead and gone now ‘Cos it is only a life. But these moments […]

Poem: A Learning Curve.

A Learning Curve. . . The lessons you learn Can be surprising And not the ones intended By an oblivious parent, Not after having observed well During a complete childhood. . .