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February 2010

Poem: Comfort Food.

Comfort Food. . . You can travel the world Eat at Five Star expense, Learn a menu in French ‘Til it starts to make sense. . I still find when I’m down And need comfort the most There’s no thing can compare With some baked beans on toast. . .

Hopefully We Have A Bargain!

Good Morning To You All, . Middle of the week now people, halfway to the weekend. See how time flies when you are being good! . Today is due to be an exciting day for us. We are BOTH up early, waiting for the arrival of our new laptop.  Of course, in the best of […]

Poem. Bruiser.

Bruiser. . . He sits benignly on the garden wall Yawning lazily in the morning sun, Long tail hanging down showily In a foppish dandy curl, Torn ears like hoisted pennants In the aftermath of battle. A hulking Kosset Carpet cat Always keeping a weather eye out. . .

Poem: Comedown.

Comedown. . . It’s funny isn’t it. There are things you want And things you create hell for. Time, thought, money and plans All expended upon the total need For being satisfied in the long run. These are things you really want But it can be truly scary to get them. . . . .

A Rite Of Spring.

G’Day, . I just thought that I would like to add an exotic antipodean air to the proceedings today. . I would imagine that, all over the UK, people are now indulging in their favourite pastime, which takes place when it has been too wintry here for too long. . They have probably all been […]

Poem: It Is All From A To B Anyway.

It Is All From A To B Anyway. . . Do we welcome A sudden crossroads In the flow of life, Do we look To try the unexpected Unfamiliar road Or follow a Roman plan, Quick between the start And an unexpected end. . .

Poem: Second Guess.

Second Guess. . . There are definitely Two of me. One is outgoing Spontaneously fun, The other is a secret Wishing only to hide Wrapped in flannel. I tread a middle path Torn between the two, A sort of possibility. . .

Everything Went As Planned.

Hey, . ‘Good Morning’ to you. Hoping that you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today. . I know Mondays can be seen as a bit of a downer, but look at it this way, you have survived the weekend! You did not expire from either too much excitement, or from utter boredom, so you are ahead […]

Poem: Shy Beauty.

Shy Beauty. . . On Saturday afternoon We went for a walk Down by the riverside. It was a cold day, All very stark and wintry With bare sleeping trees And muddy underfoot, But it had a definite beauty Full of nascent promise. One of the big bushes Was wispy and bare boned With a […]

Poem: Dimples.

Dimples. . . She has the cutest dimple On the left cheek of her butt I like the way it winks at me When she walks away from the bed . .