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February 2010

What else do we all miss!

Hello, . Are you enjoying your weekend? Are you having fun? . It has been a good one for me so far. . Yesterday it was a fine day here, with blue skies and fair bit of sunshine. Big H and I took full advantage of it by going for a long walk by the riverside. Because […]

Poem: Spanish Don.

Spanish Don. . . ‘Hola’ he said All flashing eyes All honeyed words And perfect smile, I knew his love Was hackneyed But believed him, For a while. . .

Romance Is Still Alive And Well.

Hi, . Once again I am up, in a dark world, at a really early hour. We did not go to bed until 2.30am because we were watching a programme on Paganini, that we recorded recently, and did not realize how late it was. At 5.30 am I woke up again and that was it! […]

Poem: The Faintest Gleam.

The Faintest Gleam. . . They are fleeting, Touching with a tiny breath Before they disappear, A once in a lifetime, wisp of otherness. You must attend them, Drop everything and make a note, Like diamonds in the rough Looking exactly like something else They come only the once. . . A

Only The Lonely.

Hi, . A good morning to you, whoever and wherever you are. . It is a strange and amazing thing, this business of reaching out anywhere online, in such an easy way. I read now that because of the pressures of work, and the difficulties of meeting people socially, many people are now finding their […]

Poem: Moonlight Buddy Holly.

Moonlight Buddy Holly . . . Happiness And glowing memories Can be such small Moments of perfection, Remember when we Suddenly danced In a field, Only the two of us Alone together In the moonlight. You were humming A Buddy Holly classic. . .

Poem: Shadows.

Shadows. . . Is it true that We attract What we think about. If nothing else, That should promote Happy thoughts And good intent. Let’s not pursue shadows. . .

Poem: Change Of Heart.

Change Of Heart. . Soon I will see you again At the wedding of our friend, By then it will be eleven months Since we broke up. I cannot get to sleep For thinking about it, Worrying about that particular Moment when our eyes meet. Shall my heart stop beating In the aftermath of the […]

Poem:Words Unspoken.

Words Unspoken. . . Did you not read the letter That was written out in acts Of sweet devotion. In all the care that was taken Over the course of many years Of loving service.

Poem: Common Experience.

Common Experience. . . Clearly, in many ways I am not exactly like you. But, equally, in many ways I am exactly the same. We see with similar eyes The exact same aspects of life. It is only in our reactions to them That we are so  dissimilar. . .