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March 2010

Poem: What About Afterwards.

What About Afterwards. . . Do people change When they die And go to heaven Or are they the same Spiteful nasty creatures That they are now Only in nicer accommodations. . .

Poem: Thoughts At Night.

Thoughts At Night. . . It’s twenty to two And I am still awake, Listening to your soft breath While you deeply sleep. Everything is still and quiet, With only the tick of the clock And the odd passing car To keep me company As I lie here warm beside you, Grateful for all that […]

The Magic Of Worm Charming.

Hey, . Well, after a yesterday of deluge, the sun is now shining benignly down upon a world of puddles. Everything is newly washed down and pretty, all of the normal dust and detritus is gone and the streets are newly minted. Lovely! . It was quite exciting on the drive to the hospital yesterday […]

A Plague Of Noxious Smog.

Hello Folks, . This is an unexpected treat for you. A second post! Are you not lucky, lucky, lucky as Kylie would say! . I was just reading that China received some divine punishment last week….no doubt because of their previous in so It seems that last week  Hong Kong was hit by a poisonous […]

Poem : Catawampus.

Catawampus. . . You sit crosswise, high upon my wall Looking coolly down upon me. I did not see you there at first But you have obviously been here before, And so I quietly nestle down Upon a birdshit smeared chair To enjoy the beauty of your face And it’s ancient imperial stare. . .

Poem: Unwanted Soundtrack To A Life.

Unwanted Soundtrack To A Life. . . Once again I listen To the insistent voice That is my lifelong companion. Every act of faith I compose Is commented upon at length By it’s unwelcome accompaniment. It is hard to continue Because of the quiet criticism And wilful discouragement Of this other darker self And it’s […]

The Start Of The New Regime.

Hi, . Hope that I find you chipper today and that your life is going well for you. It is a much duller morning here, with the familiar low and misty grey sky and lots of drizzle, but still warmer. . I have been out to feed the birds already with lots of the birdseed. […]

Poem: The Captain Of Your Ship.

The Captain Of Your Ship. . . Be responsible for all you do, Make your own free choices, Commit to your own mistakes And take it like a man. No-one can ever know When unseen icebergs will strike But you can stand at the helm And steer by a good star. . .

Busy Day Today.

Hi, . This is a very late post because we have spent the day in the hospital. We got there at ten and finally left at five. . It has been an exhausting day and very emotional for us too. I was a bit worried about Big H getting so tired because he started going […]

Poem: Carnie Shill.

Carnie Shill. . Have you ever wondered Why we all take it so personally, Fate does not deliberately decide To pick on one of us especially. It is all a game of chance A throw of weighted dice A game of pitch and toss. Life is a travelling salesman In a cheap brown suit Who […]