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March 2010


Hi, . Good day to yourself and I hope you are. well and happy. . Yesterday was a quiet sort of day and very wet. We stayed in because Big H is feeling totally tired-out at the moment. This was not helped when his XBox started to go wrong again. When he was playing Modern […]

Poem: Night Time.

Night Time. . . These quiet hours are filled with the ticking of the clock, trying hard to persuade me that the night is passing by. It seems like a con trick, while I lie here staring like a patient scryer, for the length of days it takes to pass the time contained within one […]

Poem: Throwback.

Throwback. . . On a chill autumn day Walking down by the river, There was a sudden awareness Of height and muscular breadth, A smooth and masterful stride, Of long yellow hair flowing back. People clustered closely behind But too afraid to overtake. Arm raised up to receive the bird That plummeted back towards the […]

What Is Hiding In Your Cupboard?

Hey, . Wet again this morning….but not in a bad way. All of the red brick walls roundabout the place are glowing with the rain and the greenery looks lovely and fresh. There are more pretty flowers than ever filling the patio, with my longed-for Hyacinths looking almost ready to bloom again. And it is […]

Poem:Don’t Talk Crap.

Don’t Talk Crap. . . Don’t you try to tell me That everything is due to change, Don’t tell me that you think It is like the roll of a dice. We are here in this moment Because all possible roads Could only have led us here To this place where we finally stand. Holding […]

Mini Eggs Won.

Hey, . Well that’s Monday over with….it can only get better from now on. . We have a pleasant day her this morning, with a pale grey-blue sky and hazy sunshine. It is definitely warmer now and I have finally been able to go and switch the central heating down, so that should save some […]

Poem:Those Were The Days.

Those Were The Days. . . Such tiny things can bring pleasure. As I turn into my Nan’s yard I can smell the familiar aroma Of scones, drifting through From the widely opened back door Where she stands in the kitchen Dressed in a flowery pinny Making scones just for me. She turns, with a […]

Poem. 95b.

95b. . . It is many months now since we last met, but there is nothing that has ever changed. I say your name and instantly connect. I still love you I truly do and I would die for you on any given day. . . I truly do.

Where The Wild Animals Are.

Hey, Monday again….don’t they come around with monotonous regularity! . I hope that you had a memorable weekend. Mine was quite good. Well, let’s face it, at my sort of age any weekend is way better than the alternative, hence the obsession with . . On Saturday we had a quiet and damp sort of […]

Poem: Foodie Dreams.

Foodie Dreams. . . I would do anything for a meat and potato pie like the kind my mother used to bake. The ones I ate in her kitchen straight from the oven. Making puffy breaths as I jostled the red hot pastry around inside my mouth ’til it was cool enough to swallow. . […]