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March 2010

Poem. Telling You Where To Get Off.

Telling You Where To Get Off. . . Telling you you had to go made me feel so good. To see that sudden shock move like quicksilver on the surface of your eyes. I know you never thought I never would, that loving you, I never could. But you forgot to factor in that I […]

Poem: Why Panic.

Why Panic. . . Why do I feel such sudden feelings of panic, as if something is moving out there beyond my vision. As if the very foundation that holds up my world is no longer safe or secure in it’s construction. I tell myself that it’s OK, there is nothing wrong. but then the […]

How Unusual Can It Be.

Hi, . Life is a strange beast is it not? . I was recently thinking about weddings and was very much surprised to hear about some of the stranger weddings which have taken place. . There was, for instance, a man who became single once more when his wife Rose died in May 2007. He […]

The Underground City.

Hi, Welcome to yet another Saturday! . Now that we are retired, and hopeful that Big H will soon be fixed….medically that is…..not like a tomcat, I have been looking at the ‘must see’ things that we have not yet managed to do, and as we wish to move south to somewhere warmer a.s.a.p. then […]


Tintinnabulation. . . As she moves through, I hear The chinking of her bangles. Smooth silver bands That gather stiffly at the wrists. I hear them tinkling As she sleeps beside me And in the coming of every dawn I hear them paying court To her arising. . .

Poem. : Grit Of Life.

. Grit Of Life. . . Pain and ecstasy provide the traction in life. Contentment being a slippy thing, moving smoothly through the years, allowing time to rush around us. It is the pain that provides the grit of life. That forms the pearl. . .

Poem: Remembering Mum.

Remembering Mum. . . My mum died a year ago And I miss her still Although it is sweet now Rather than a reason to cry. I was left an engagement ring, Beautiful, but frail and thin With a cracked stone in the shoulder. I took the decision to remount it And wondered if I […]

Poem: They Don’t Want To Be Pests.

They Don’t Want To Be Pests. . . They don’t want to be pests But you’ll have to endure it. They try not to be pests But old age will assure it. They’ll pee on the floor Leave their keys in the door, Leave eyes in poe-tay-toes And squash your toe-may-toes, They’ll wander at night […]

Having Sex In Trees.

Good Morning Peeps, . How the hell are you today then! It is once again a Friday, portal to the weekend, so that is grand. . I feel very good again this morning because I once more awoke to brilliant sunshine, which makes everything so cheering and wonderful. It is definitely the end of a […]

Poem: Making Changes.

Making Changes. . . It is easy to take a wrong turning, Easy to make a bad decision. It is not easy to stop dead, To realise that it has all gone wrong, Wipe out the status quo and start again. It is not easy, but it is possible. . .