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March 2010

Poem:Letter To A Soldier’s Mother.

Letter To A Soldier’s Mother. . . It was unbearable to see the photograph of you with your damaged son. To see the pain upon your face. He gave all that he was to his beloved country but here is nothing we can do to help you except to pray for a miracle. . . […]

Egypt Is Revealing The Eighth Wonder Of The World

Hey, . Another week almost done now. My, how quickly they pass, the older you get. . We have a grey day here again….but why change something that works! Seriously though, we have some hazy sunshine and the temperature is definitely rising nicely. So summer is coming….slowly! . I think that we are overusing the […]

Poem: I See It.

I See It. . . Looking out of the window wide awake on a dark night I see it running along a wall, quick movements against the clock. Sudden illumination briefly shows the thin and hairless tail, I would shudder at the  sight but to be honest, it is a frequent one. . .

Poem: Just Imagine That.

Just Imagine That. . . Imagine being in possession of such long shapely legs, covered with invisible blonde hairs that glisten in full sunshine. Imagine having the inalienable right to deftly separate them. . .

Was This The Best Scam Ever?

Hi, . . I recently had a good laugh when a smashing, and very good looking friend, who decamped to France a few years ago sent me an e-mail repeating the story of the Bristol Zoo parking attendant who reportedly carried out the scam of the century. . It appeared that a gentleman worked for […]

Poem: Lot 271.

Lot 271. . . They may just be two ostrich eggs bought in an auction room bid but they are a wonderment. Born of Rider Haggard stories and dreams of Ursula Andress as She. Born of places in a green encyclopedia studied at great childhood lengths on a small leatherette settee. The kind with brass […]

This Place Is Totally Outstanding.

Good morning to you all. . It is yet another day in the life of! . I don’t know what you did yesterday but I hope that there was fun in it for you. We had a very very good day. Big H was up a lot earlier than normal and said that we should […]

Poem: Cars.

Cars. . . It is disturbing to be so fast, dashing through stationary countryside, seeing misty trees with foggy tops almost invisible on the hills. Passing clipped hedges and wild verges there and gone in just a breath, to reach so quickly for a newer scene. . .

Poem: I Do Believe.

I Do Believe. . . I believe in fun And screams of joy, in calliope ruckus and new ‘Land Ahoy’. In funfairs and candy And carnival horses that never deflect from their magical courses. I believe in creating the maddest of schemes, I believe in pursuing impossible dreams. . .

Cats Who Talk and Human Tigers.

Hi, . Hoping that you were greeted by something a little more cheerful than us weatherwise. The tropical splendour of yesterday has given way to a windy and pale grey, yet luminous, Monday. But we are winning because it is still warm, so it can only get better! . I had a lot of time […]