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April 2010

Poem: The Eyes Have It.

The Eyes Have It. . . How hard to believe The memories of you I have held fast For so very long. To see you today In your old age And recognise you only By your blue eyes. Still with that Direct sexy stare, Still with the same Naughty twinkle. . .

A Fine Weekend Either Way.

Hi, . The Bank Holiday is here again so I hope that you all enjoy it, even if you are just going to stay in bed for the whole thing. If that is the case then I at least wish you pleasant company. . When I arose this morning the sun was happily shining in […]

Poem: Don’t Say It.

Don’t Say It. . . Don’t you dare to tell me What I should be doing Or I might finally do The one thing I should do, Which will leave me free of you With far less reasons to feel blue. . .

Poem: The Waiting Game.

The Waiting Game. . . Spontaneity adds ease To the social experience, It is an extended waiting time That leaches away the pleasure. . .

Poem: Bygone Terrace.

Bygone Terrace. . . Each time I pass your garden You have added a new distraction. Sometimes a new bush Or a new and pretty stone. Yesterday I noticed that you Have added a tiny antique table With two delicate metal chairs Painted in a powdery grey. You have even put a crazed jar In […]

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out, As Timothy Leary Said.

Hi, beautiful peeps, . Everything’s cool man, Lat’s just kick back, It’s all feeling groovy…. …..you may have guessed by now that I  have regressed to some form of 60’s or Nirvana….and you would be . I am feeling totally blissed out and way out of my tree. So let me tell you why. Are […]

I Could Be A Vampire.

Good morning peeps, . Once more I was unable to sleep all night long, yet now that it is almost 9am I am going to have to go to bed for a rest. How weird is that when I had all last night to do it in and I did work very hard yesterday….and I […]

Poem: In Reduced Circumstances.

In Reduced Circumstances. . . I feel very sad Seeing old people Hurting with every action That takes such time. I only hope that As life reduces possibility, There is increased pleasure In the remaining selection Of life’s offerings. . . t

It Keeps Sneaking Up On Me.

Hey, . Up again early this morning, but I know why this time. Big H was watching a really cheesy Jean-Claude Van Damme film and I had to leave the room before any more of my brain cells died on me, so I exited off to bed to read a book. He will probably arise […]

Poem: Toddler.

Toddler. . . those first tottering steps like a tiny drunken matelot, listing first in one direction before staggering in the other, all accompanied with a gummy grin which radiates real happiness . l